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Default Free At Last Ch. 01-06 [Sex Stories and Adult Erotic Literature]

by wizardwriter

- Over the years did some contracting jobs for a couple of ladies, always partying with them, and they told me a tale. I've changed the names and times, but it is the basic story I was told. Rather it is true or not, I would only be guessing.

1- The Plan

by Wizard

My mother, Janice Jones, was barely thirteen when she got pregnant by Bob Morton, my father, who was seventeen. Her father threw a fit, charged my father to the fullest extent of the law, forbid them from seeing each other, and barely restrained himself from shooting him.

Needless to say things didn't get better after I was born. My father was still in jail when I was born, he served eighteen months, after signing away his rights to my grandfather, under the single restriction his baby girl's name was to be Jamie Ann Morton. Once out he worked two jobs and sent nearly all the money to my mother, but grandpa Jim wasn't about to budge on the issue. Still, they snuck off constantly, and planned on running away when mom turned eighteen.

Mom was so young she was more of a big sister to me, for the longest time even called her Janice, and I can't remember seeing my dad more than twenty times. It was my grandparents who raised me. I was my grandpa's pride and joy, the reason he let my mother and father sneak around, but he was never going to allow them to marry. Grandma Betty and mom loved me too, but grandpa Jim doted on me, teaching me to play baseball and football, we watched all the games together. I was his boy he never had. Grandpa found out about the plan and told mom she could go now, and not come back. But, I was staying, and he had legal custody of me, nothing she could do about it. Because of this my mother and father never got together.

After mom finished school she went to community college, then became grandpa Jim=s bookkeeper at his hardware store. Dad kept sending us money, which mom put in a college fund for me, but when I was ten he died in a work accident. Grandpa Jim pitched a fit, but mom took me to the funeral. It was sad the only family there for my dad was mom and me, but he had a lot of friends show up. I said good-by to a man I never knew, although everyone there talked as if he was a very nice man.

A few months later mom received a three hundred thousand dollar insurance check my father had in her name. She now had the money to take grandpa to court and win me, as well as her freedom. Only problem, she had been cut off and sheltered far too long and didn't have the heart. Grandpa Jim had broken her spirit. I wanted so bad to help her and I fell deeply in love with her, or the notion of being her savior and protector.

I was seventeen when grandpa Jim had a heart attack and died, a month before graduation. He was so proud I was going to finish high school not pregnant. I couldn't tell him I liked girls, and was in love with my mother. Just before I headed off for my sophomore year of college grandma Betty died, probably of a broken heart. Right or wrong she loved grandpa Jim. These deaths hit me much harder than my father's, and it was even rougher on mom. She was in such bad shape I suggested skipping a year of school, but she wouldn't hear of it, promising she'd be fine.

Had chosen an out of state college, trying to fight these feelings for mom, and hoping she might find her independence, only wanting the best for her. Wishing to graduate in three years I was taking extra classes. It was hard, and being an art major I kept busy with my artwork on weekends. My hope was to become a sculptor and my hobby was photography, still had time to experiment.

After the fourth miserable attempt at having a boyfriend I gave it up and stuck with girls, which there were plenty of. Most the guys wanted to get drunk, then laid, most of the girls just wanted to find a great lay, which is tough to do with a drunk dude. Because of this fact, girls on girls were no big deal, with most not even considering themselves lesbians. I was blessed with a tongue long enough to touch the top of my nose, not just the tip, and every girl I had loved it.

On my eighteenth birthday I received my first big dividend of my trust fund, and spent a portion on a little cosmetic surgery. Wasn't a nose job or bigger boobs, both I might have needed. No, it was splitting the fold under my tongue, which acts as an anchor. This procedure didn't add any real length to my tongue, but gave me more range of motion. I also vigorously brush my tongue twice a day, making it a tad rougher than most. All these little things combined made me the most talented tongue in the college.

Had a Saturday class, so me getting home on the weekends was out, but I called at least every other day and went home holidays. Every time I went home I could see mom was getting worse, even hear her crying at night. And every time I tried to comfort her or talk to her she would withdraw from me, swearing she was fine.

Thinking the work was too much mom sold the family business and I thought she might travel, or something. But she didn't do anything, except exercise and paint, which she had done both faithfully her whole life. Bored and lacking any social contact she finally took a part-time job.

It wasn't much better for me, my infatuation wasn't about to go away, and pining over mom was seriously cutting in to my social calendar. Worse yet my sexual conquests weren't doing anything for me, I was no longer thrilled at taking some supposed hetero girl's sapphic cherry. I used to be able to get off just thinking about the last young lady I tenderly introduced girl love too.

After my sophomore year I knew I had to do something, so I formed a plan of seduction. I was going to have my mother.

* * *

Mom is waiting for me at the airport, I kiss her quickly on the lips and give her a huge hug. "This year was tough, and I missed you so much."

She kisses me, on the lips and a lot longer than I kissed her, which set my pussy off. "I missed you too, baby girl."

God, she's so hot looking, even in her overly-conservative attire. Five-six, athletic, shapely build, shoulder length brown hair and 'c' cup titties. Far as I'm concerned Janice is the pure essence of womanhood.

Once in the car I slide over next to mom, and she runs her hand through my shortly cropped hair. "What's this?"

"New hair cut." I smile. "You can't believe how much time it saves me. Lather it up, rinse it off, BAM! I'm done. No make-up saves even more time." Giggling I whisper in her ear. "Quit shaving too, hope I don't gross you out when we're by the pool."

"Um-m, I'll try to keep an open mind, after all you're of legal age." She sighs, then leans over and kisses me on the cheek. "I'm just glad to have you home." Wrapping her arm around my shoulders she holds me close. "Honey, I missed you and haven't been this excited in years. What do you want to do first?"

"Well, my mind has been in overdrive the last month, so rest for a bit." I laugh. "But, Friday we have a date, I=m taking you to dinner."

"A date?" She fans herself. "Oh god, it's been ages." Smiling she shrugs. "Don't expect much, but I'll go on a date with you."

"Great." I kiss her on the cheek. "I'll take care of everything, and I'm going to make it the best time of your life."

"Goodness baby girl, you're getting me so excited maybe we should go out tonight."

"Unh-unh, too tired and way too much to do to get ready." I run my hand down her cheek, and I think she gets a little flushed. "You only have two days to wait, and it'll be worth it, guaranteed."

When we get home I=m going for a swim and change into my trunks, which is what they are, kind of short shorts, called a hipster not a bikini bottom, and no top. It's how all my clothes were, boyish looking, but with a girl's cut. Only owned two dresses, the black one I had worn to my grandparent's funerals and a white one, in case we were going somewhere a little fancy for dinner. Most of the time it was shorts or jeans with a t-shirt. As for pajamas, forget it, I slept nude, or occasionally in my undies.

Mom takes one look, and shakes her head. "Jamie, you're not a tomboy any more, we're going to need to get you a proper swimsuit, with a top."

Five-eleven, reed thin, freckled and just under cute I'm tomboy looking. "Why? I love this suit, and I'm practically flat chested with boy nipples." Put my arms over my head, showing off my furry pits. "What do you think, now? Do I look like a boy?"

Mom giggles. "I think you've got a great body, and look like a girl."

"How about some piercings?" Stick my tongue fully out, and I wiggle it. "Was thinking I could get two barbell studs in this bad boy. I'll look like a punk rocker, cool huh?"

"No, they're gross." Shaking her head mom sighs. "Well, at least you've got your father's strawberry blond hair and not mine. Good thing you're not as furry as Aunt Clara, or no doubt you'd be growing a moustache." She runs her hand over my pit hairs, then strokes my thigh. "It's a lot softer than mine too, which is good."

I'm speechless and can smell pussy, but not sure whose it is. Know I'm soaked and I want to take my mom right then and there. Takes every ounce of my willpower to resist, but didn't want to scare her off, and I have to stick with the plan.

Go swimming and cool off. Mom comes out, in a two piece, and I splash water at her. "This is my turf, no tops allowed in the pool. You come in I'm taking it off."

"Jamie, stop being silly." Mom covers her boobs with her hands. "They'll burn."

"Sunscreen will take care of that." I hold up the tube. "I'll put it on for you." Mom giggles and gets in the pool, with her top on. I swim over. "I mean it, I've claimed this backyard as my turf for the summer, no tops in the pool."

She tries to swim away, but I easily catch her, and we wrestle. She holds her own for a bit, but is laughing too hard and I get her top off, slinging it out of the pool. "There that's more like it. You can't tell me it doesn't feel better than being all confined."

Holding her boobies mom looks around the yard, as if the neighbors might see. But the house is on the crest of a hill, and sits in the middle of a two acre parcel, no one could see even if they had a telescope. She giggles. "Does feel nice, and it's kind of naughty."

I pull her towards the side. "Come on, you're pretty boobies aren't going to feel good if they burn. Lets get some sunscreen on them, it's waterproof."

Her milky white titties are so nice and round, with those pink nipples sticking up so beautifully. Can't help myself and I stare at them, which mom notices and in response her nipples get even harder. They are mouth watering, an inch tall and near that across, sitting on three inch areolas. I picture me running my long tongue over those babies, making my little nipples hard. They are only a quarter inch tall, a bit wider and her nipple could nearly cover my areola. I think what it might be like rubbing our nipples together and I cream in my shorts.

Pour some sunscreen in my hand, cup the underside of her breast. She doesn't protest, tell me no, or even help, just lets me rub the sunscreen on, getting a low, sexy moan to escape her lips. Do the same with the other hand and start massaging mom's titties. She tilts her head back and softly hums. I do a good, thorough job and if the stuff didn't taste so nasty I would've sucked those hard nipples. Instead we swim a bit, then get out to sun dry, and mom doesn't make a move for her top or a towel. The two of us sit there, side-by-side, topless, it's so sexy hot, I want to finger myself.

We go in and change, both coming out in t-shirts, but neither wearing a bra, which I rarely did, but mom always wore hers. We have a great evening, but mom and me don=t flirt any more.

With my plan in action and this day, I'm so excited I can't get to sleep til after I enjoy three climaxes, the third imagining mom is doing the same thing in her bed.

* * *

While mom is at work I take care of the reservations, buy us new outfits, and pick up some decent groceries, meaning mostly junk food. Mom likes 'hippie food' I call it, grains, vegetables, a little meat, all organically grown, if possible. But, she did have a bit of a 'sweet tooth' never overdoing it, just a little something around nine, usually involving chocolate.

Had told mom the truth, I'd been busy this semester and it was fun shopping. I'm not a rich trust fund baby, but I do get twelve hundred a month allowance, with benefits of the trust paying my college expenses and me a car. Actually, a truck, baby blue 4by4 Ford ranger, pink pin stripes, big V-6, four inch lift kit and over-sized tires, it was a hot ride. My allowance isn't much, but enough I won't be waiting tables over the summer.

When I get home it's too late to go swimming, and I wasn't sure mom would come out again. This day was nowhere near as titillating as yesterday, but I still have to masturbate three times before falling asleep.

It is the big day, Friday morning, and after breakfast I give mom her presents. Wrinkling her nose she smiles, her green eyes livelier than I've seen in ages. "Baby girl, what's all this?"

She's looking so cute I nearly cum in my undies. "A little something for my lady, you're new outfit for tonight. Promise to wear them?" Hearing this she looks at me suspiciously, but nods. I wiggle my eyebrows, and wink, taking out my camera. "I want to capture all of this for us to remember always, so act natural. Now open them just like they sit, top to bottom."

Mom blushes a bit, fussing with her hair. "Shouldn't I go put on a bit more make-up?"

"My girl is gorgeous." I lean over and give her a kiss. "I'm starting off shooting black and white, soft, a tad fuzzy even, then we'll graduate from there til we end with full color, should make a great scrapbook."

With a sigh she nods her head, then opens the top box. It's a sleeveless black blouse with thin blue stripes, very conservative. Holding it up she gives me a cute look and I click away. Next there is a matching skirt, then shoes. I get cute looks for each, then she shakes the one now on top. "I'm guessing new underwear." Package holds a black half-bra with matching lace string bikini panties, very sexy. I get a great snap of her surprise expression, then one with a lively twinkle in her eyes. "Oh my, honey, I've never worn anything like this."

"I know mom, you prefer super, ultra-conservative." I gently stroke her arm. "A sexy woman should be wearing a little something sexy, even if no one can see it."

"Okay dear, thank you, I'll give it a go." She opens the last, and lets out a gasp. I get a shot of her in absolute shock, looking into the box. It's still on her face as she holds up a sexy black garter belt and stockings.

I giggle and give her a kiss. "Doesn't hurt to have a little something naughty on, to make a woman feel extra special. Mom, I definitely want you to feel extra special, because that's what you are to me." Give her another quick kiss. "That's what this date is for, celebrating you being extra special, my extra special lady."

"Thank you, baby girl, it's the best present I've had in ages." She fans herself, and I capture it on film. "And I can truly say, I've never had anything like them before." Get a long hug, then she dabs at her eyes. "Extra special, that's how you always make me feel. Thank you, baby girl."

"Good, after lunch we can start getting you ready for your date. We have a six o'clock—"

"If we're not leaving until six, why start at noon?" Her nose is wrinkled, brow furrowed, and I get a picture.

"Was going to send you to a spa, where you don't have to lift a finger." I roll my eyes. "But, I know how you are, so I'll do the best I can. You=re going to need bathed, shaved, oiled, massaged, hair done, make-up, then dressed. And I've probably missed a thing or two." Take her hand, and I kiss it, then pull mom towards me and kiss her on the lips. "I want to spoil you, enjoy it."

"Alright, I'll fix us a nice lunch, then I'm all yours, and promise I won't lift a finger."

God, I want to pound my pussy, while eating her's, right there, instead I watch the minutes slowly tick by. I must've been just sitting there staring at the clock, because mom comes up behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders and kisses the top of my head. "Doesn't make it go any faster, baby girl, why not go take a quick dip?"

With a big sigh I go and put on my trunks. I'm not out there two minutes when mom comes out, and she doesn't have her top on, but has her hands on her titties. She gives me a big shrug and a little head bob. "Never picked my top up yesterday, guess it's a little late to worry about it now."

"Yep," I break into a big grin, "I'll get the sunscreen." She's on the steps, pussy level with my chin, and I run a finger down the front of her bikini. "Maybe I'll outlaw all suits on my turf."

Mom swats my hand, then with both hands pins her suit to her hips, but exposes her delightful titties. "Jamie, stop that! What would the neighbors say?"

I giggle. "Besides, take it off?" I kiss her tummy. "It's okay, we'll take it in a little steps," I rub her bottom, and she leans into me, pressing her belly into my face, "starting Monday, no suits."

Take a step back, pulling mom with me. She slides down my face, coming to rest with my head between her boobies. She giggles. "When did my shy baby girl become such a flirt?"

Back away a bit and let her get in the pool, then shrug. "Have to learn something in college." I pull her to me and kiss her. "So, what do you think of my technique?"

"Um-m," mom stays in my arms and lets out a long sigh, "I=m sold."

Oil up her titties, but she heads back in the house shortly after.

Mom must've been nearly as excited, seeing as she had a chicken salad ready by eleven. A quarter hour later she is pulling me to the back bath, leaving the dishes on the table, something which is never done, and her bikini top is still by the pool.

Run her bath, sprinkling it liberally with oils, salts, bubbles and such, things I know little about. I turn to find mom standing there not even starting to get undressed. Can't believe my luck, and I take a picture, then with trembling hands I undress her. She's standing there in bra and panties, making my pussy drool, and I have at least one picture of each stage.

I stick my finger under her leg band, as high as I can go, then shaking my head slowly run it down to her pussy. "See this won't do, we=re going to get rid of your three for five dollars, blue light special, white cotton panties."

She giggles and thrusts into me enough to get my finger to slide in to her wetness, up to the first knuckle. "Um-m, no one sees them, why bother?"

I'm thrilled to death at such a reaction, but worried I'm rushing it, and she is at such a fragile state. "It's not for others mom, well, it's for your special person, but that's not even half of it." I kiss her thigh, and she gasps, causing me to back away. "Lingerie is to make you feel special, to make you feel good about yourself. Wait and see." Pull my finger away, then take her panties down. She steps out of them, in to me, sticking her bush in my nose. I almost play tug-of-war with her barely exposed clit.

Take a deep breath, filling my lungs with the scent of sweet pussy, counted to five before standing. Mom sighs, as if disappointed I'm not eating her pussy. Haven't figured any of this into my plan, and I can't trust my judgment at reading the signs, something I'm very good at with my other girlfriends, and my girl friends.

Get the camera and mom covers her pussy. "Oh no, nothing pornographic. Jamie, I mean it! What if they got out, like on the web?"

"It isn't porn, they are for us to enjoy." I reposition her hands at her sides. "You look sexy, very beautiful, and will want to remember this, okay?"


After three pictures, with one on the floor looking up, I put the camera down. Instead of going behind her I reach around to unhook her bra, a generic match to her panties. My hands are trembling so I fumble a bit, and mom leans into me, head on my shoulder. I unhook her bra, then massage her back, getting her to moan.

Get lucky and she backs away from me, because I wasn't about to. I know, without a doubt, I can seduce my mother right here, but not sure she will go all the way and can't afford to gamble. Take her bra off, and it's impossible not to notice her rock hard nipples, sticking out even farther than when I saw them in the pool. "Same goes for your bra, mom." I roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "If you get in this condition often that tough material will chafe you."

She gasps. "Never been in this condition before, not even close."

"Mom, I've seen you in this condition almost the entire time I've been home."

"Okay, you're right, I've been a bit excited." She giggles. "But honey, that's because you're here. I can't help how I feel."

My head is swimming in a fog at those words, I giggle, knowing my plan is going to work. "Now that I'm going to be here awhile, chances are it will happen again. So, we're going shopping next week for new undies, sexy ones, and nothing white, unless they're see-through or pure lace."

"Jamie!" Mom blushes.

"What? You can=t believe how sexy see-through panties make you feel, and lace get you so aroused you'll always be wet."

"Jamie!" Mom is really turning red, all the way to her titties.

"What? I know you get wet, you're wet now."

Sighing she shivers. "May I have my bath now?"

"Pictures first, sexy lady." I take three, then instruct, "Spread your legs out." She moves them half a foot, and tries to keep her thighs together. "A lot farther than that sexy lady, I want to capture your arousal."


"What? It's so sexy, and I know you're going to love these pictures." I tap the inside of her leg. "Want them at least two feet apart." She does it, while I get behind her. "Um-m, that's nice, now bend over slightly, and be a bit naughty, feel how wet you are."

Mom bends over and a shudder runs through her. "I'm counting on you to never let these out of your sight, I mean it."

"Trust me, I'll cherish them forever." I rub the insides of her thighs, getting a moan as her pussy opens, all glistening and pink. After a handful of pictures I move around to the front and she stands up. "We need more arousal." I run my thumb over her clit, and she growls at me. I get pictures of her erect clit, and she isn't the only one wet. I kiss her thigh, just off her bush. "Ready for a bath?"

"Ah, yes. I think I better sit down before I fall down."

She takes my arm and I escort her to the tub, give her a bath, shave her legs and pits, then wash her hair. I'm in heaven, even enjoy a minor orgasm.

Let her soak and go get the bed ready for her massage. Can't help myself and slip a finger in my pussy, then lick the cream off. Give her a massage, and judging by her still hard nipples and the sweet smell of her pussy she enjoys it as much as me.

Have her stand beside the bed, then with camera in hand I back away. "One more little present, it's on the nightstand." Breathing heavy she picks it up, and can obviously tell it's a jewelry box. "Go ahead sexy lady, open it."

She gasps, "Oh my god, pearls! Jamie, you shouldn't have." She shakes her head, just staring at the box, as I snap pictures.

I giggle. "Can my girl get them out of the box and hold them up, please? I want a picture of them, then I'll put them on you."

Giggling she holds up the string of pearls. "Um-m, matching earrings and bracelet too, but you shouldn't have." I get a great picture of a tear at the corner of her eye, as she sports a cute grin. "They're beautiful, Jamie, but you really shouldn't have."

Step up and she jumps in my arms, hugging me and kissing me, her hard nipples burrowing into my t-shirt. She wraps her legs around me and just hangs from my neck, luckily I have my clothes on, or I would have her in bed in a heartbeat. "Trust me, they're not as beautiful as you." I hold her for a while, then pat her butt. "Does my girl want me to put them on her?"

"Yes, please." She kisses me, gently humping me. "Thank you so much, you've made my year, baby girl. You must've spent a fortune."

They were a string of white pearls, in the middle hung a gold oblong, with three black pearls in it. The earrings matched, with two white pearls on either side of the dangling oblong. "Bought it, after Christmas." I kiss her neck. "I know you don't like dangling earrings, but these just looked so hot." I nibble on her ear lobes, she is leaning back into me, breathing raggedly.

I get her jewelry on, then rub her butt. "You want to go see how you look, sexy lady?"

Giggling she runs into the bathroom. I get shots of her, looking into the mirror, and a great one of her backside, but the reflection of her front in the full-length mirror. I have her turn around and take a few reverse shots. She gives me a hug and more kisses, thanking me again and again.

Get her back to the bed and put on her panties, but her wild bush is sticking out all over. I shake my head. "Hair is fine for a tomboy, but not a sexy lady. You=re going to need a trim."

She doesn't say anything as I take her panties off, but her breathing is heavy and erratic. Shave and trim her bush, then while rubbing oil on the shaved area she gasps, "Oh, my god." Her body trembles, as she tries to suppress her impending climax, then she gives up and moaning loudly enjoys it. "Ah, sorry, oh my." She fans herself. "Honey, I'm so embarrassed that happened. I think I better finish getting dressed by myself."

"Don't be silly, or embarrassed." Rub her stomach, and I kiss her. "I wanted you to enjoy yourself, what could be more enjoyable than an orgasm?"

"Not much." She sighs, then rolls her eyes. "But, not from my daughter."

I laugh. "You don't tell, I won't. Now, let's get your panties on and see how we did."

Put her panties on, retie one side, then sliding my fingers fully under the leg bands readjust each front and back. I smooth down the material, with a hand, not my tongue, like I want to do.

She checks everything in the mirror.

Nodding I give her a little whistle. "Whew, looks sexy. I'm amazed at the firmness of your boobs. Love the large areolas, definitely lady nipples, not boy nipples." I cup her titties. "But, I don't have to worry about sagging."

Mom covers my hands with her's, and I think she is going to take mine off her titties, but she squeezes, getting me to squeeze too. "Firmness, is just one of many benefits of daily exercise and a decent diet." She squeezes my hands again. "Thanks for the compliment, and there isn't anything wrong with your boobs. You're a very beautiful young lady, and will make someone very happy." The word someone gets me thinking mom might know about my sexuality, but she adds, "Well, is there a special boy?"

"Mom?" I giggle, and she let go of my hands, and I take them off her titties. "There was one or two, but most are in college to have fun and far too immature to think of anything serious."

"Well baby, that's quite sensible, but I think there's more." She wiggles her butt. "Come on baby girl, I feel so sexy and naughty I want to hear some girl talk. You been getting laid?"

Can't believe we're having this conversation with my mother being near naked. I sigh. "If you must know there is someone very special, and I think there might be something to build on."

"Oh, this is news to me. Do tell. Are you getting laid?"

"Not now, I don't want to be premature about the relationship. Now let's get you dressed, we don't want to be late for our reservations."

I put her bra, garter and stockings on, then do her hair, nails and make-up. Once finished I take a step back, and motion for her to turn around. "Um-m," licking my lips, I wink, "yum-yum, you're one sexy cutie, I wouldn't mind eating up."

"Stop that." Mom blushes, and shakes her head. "I've never been very sexy."

"Yes you have," I correct her, "you just didn't know it."

"Well," she looks in the mirror, and takes a deep breath, "I certainly feel sexy." She giggles. "Good thing we started early, it took you so long to get me this way you're going to make us late."

"Won't take me any time at all, but it's to be a surprise." I shoo her away. "You can finish getting dressed on your own. I've got all the good pictures already."

Have everything laid out, slacks, pale purple dress shirt, sports jacket, nice causal wear, topped off with a snazzy gray hat. One glance in the mirror and I have to admit I look good as a dude. Mom is waiting for me when I come out of the bathroom, camera in hand, and she gasps, "Oh my goodness, Jamie?"

"Yes ma'am, Jamie Morton." Put my camera down, tip my hat, then bring my other hand out from behind my back to give her a single long-stemmed red rose. "You must be Miss Janice Jones, I wasn't told you were so stunningly beautiful."

"Thank you." Smiling, she takes the rose. "I had no idea you would be so handsome." She put her hand over her mouth. "God, baby girl, in this light, you remind me so much of your father. It's as if you've taken twenty years away." She wipes away a tear. "Is that his favorite cologne?"

"Yes, it's what I remember about him. I'm sorry mom, I'll change."

"Nonsense, I like you in this outfit." She smoothes down my shoulders, runs her hand slowly down my cheek, then kisses me on the lips, long and tenderly, but no tongue. "It's all good memories. Please, keep it on, you look so handsome."

I hold out my arm. "Why thank you, my lovely lady. Shall we go?"

"After we get pictures of us, and I want some of you." We take the pictures, and mom directs the action, when it is the two of us. She wants one with my arm around her waist, then shoulders, even a pair with us kissing. It's so hot, I think I=m going to explode. Finally she informs me, "I'm having so much fun I don't want to, but we should be going."

She takes my arm and we leave, making it to the restaurant right on time. Have a fine meal, then a great time at an art gallery, all the time mom carries her rose. She asks me about my possible suitor and I give her a character description, then change the subject. I get plenty of pictures, even a terrific panty shot as she gets out of the car.

My plan was have a drink or two, a little dancing and minor petting, before going home, but she seems so agreeable to everything I head home early, horny as hell, and near positive mom is in the same condition.

We make a little small talk, then I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. Should've bought a strap-on which didn't have anything you needed to step in to. As it is I have to get undressed, put it on, then re-dressed.

I finally get out of the bathroom and mom asks, "Jamie, are you okay, you were in there a long time? I=m ready for bed."

"Um-m," I grab my crotch, "after such an exquisite evening I'm ready for bed too."

"Jamie," mom shakes a finger at me, "don't be crude."

"You're right, sorry." I smile. "I'm fine Janice, I'll walk you to your room."

Mom giggles. "Oh my, what a gentleman." I give her my arm, and walk her to the end of the hall. She stops at the door. "Well, Jamie I had a wonderful time, and would love to do it again."

"Me too, say next Friday, it's another date, our second." Grinning, I slowly run my finger down her cheek, then across her lips. "Would it be out of line to ask for a good night kiss?"

"Ah, no, I guess a little kiss won't hurt, will it?" She sighs, and a slight shiver runs through her. "Friday is fine with me, looking forward to it."

She might have thought it is going to be a peck on the cheek, but doesn't take her long to realize it isn't, and it only takes a second longer for her to kiss back. She takes my tongue, then slips her's in my mouth. We break and I grin, then lean back in, to within an inch of her lips, and she initiates this kiss, longer than the first.

I'm standing real close when we break and Janice is panting. "Whew, that was nice Jamie. Haven't felt that flushed in a while. I mean, besides this afternoon."

"Glad you liked it Janice, I certainly did, you're one hot lady. Are you going to ask me in?"

"Oh, I don't know about—"

"You're going to ask me in, you know you want to." I kiss her, and she eagerly kisses me back. "I'll give you a good reason for you wanting to cook me breakfast in the morning."

"Really, what would that be?"

"Simply put," I lean into her, pressing my strap-on into her thigh, "Janice, I'm about to give you a night full of orgasms. Your pussy is on fire, and I can put it out."

"Jamie, we can't do—"

"Why?" I slowly run my fingertip from the tip of her nose to the middle of her breasts. "Seems to me we already have."

"Honey, that was a mistake."

"And since these won't be they'll be even better." I run my finger in a figure eight around her breasts. "You=re so hot, bet you're a real tiger n bed."

"No, I'm not very sexual."

Lick my fingertip and rub her hard nipple. "Not yet," I rub her other nipple, "but that's going to change tonight, you sexy little cutie."

"Jamie, all this has been fun, but no more, we can't do—"

"Spent a lot this evening, and I don't want to be insensitive, Janice." I kiss her gently on the lips. "But I'm going to fuck you tonight, no doubt about it, can smell your pussy, and you want it." I slowly run my tongue across her lips, and she sucks it into her mouth. Kiss her hard, snaking my tongue fully in her mouth, getting her to jump a bit, then eagerly suck on it.

"Oh my," she is panting heavily, rubbing her thighs together like she has a minor problem, "never felt anything that wonderful before, but it has to stop. We can't—"

"You can invite me in to your bed, and I'll give you plenty of pleasure, or I'll bend you over the couch, pull your wet panties down and fuck you for my pleasure." Kiss her harder and longer than earlier, with her not trying to stop me. "What=s it going to be, sexy lady?"

"Stop being so crude. You wouldn't do that to me." She shakes her head. "Jamie, that's rape, you can't, you won't do—"

"Won't have to, you need it, and do want it. That little thing I gave you this afternoon wasn't much more than a sneeze compared to what I'm about to give you." I reach under her dress, pressing her panties into her pussy. "You're soaked, near dripping." Run my wet fingers lightly over her lips, then I kiss her, savoring the taste of her pussy and she doesn't push me away. I break, but stay nearly touching our lips, and I'm cupping her titties. "You want to know how I'm going to make you climax?"

She kisses me. "How?"

"Once I get you on the bed I take your wet panties off, then with that tongue you find so interesting, I'm going to eat your pussy and finger you, giving you at least three. Then I'm going to give you my eight inch dick, it's thick and will fill you nicely, giving you at least a dozen. And you know what happens after that?"

"No," panting she kisses me, "what?"

Through her dress I=m rolling her hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. "I start over, and we keep it up for the entire weekend. In fact, til you have to go to work Tuesday. You're not even going to put on a pair of panties, and will be begging me to make you cum." She gasps, and now cupping her pussy I press into her farther. "Actually, I'm going to take your drenched panties off right here, and eat you to an orgasm. I'm going to leave a trail of clothes to your bed, where you'll lay down and give yourself to me, to do as I please, for as long as I please."

"Don't know about..." she gasps, "Jamie, this isn't right."

"Sure it is, you're about ready to climax." I'm still cupping her pussy, running my middle finger in as far as her panties will let me, and she is so close. "One other thing, after I make love to you, I'm going to fuck you."

"Ugh-h, oh dear god, I want to, more than ever before, but we shouldn't." Another shiver runs through her. "Jamie, what is the difference? I mean, between making love and fucking?"

"A lot," I push harder into her pussy, "but both must be experienced, not described. Interested, you sexy little cutie?"

"Oh my," Janice's body starts shaking, as she enjoys a mild orgasm, although much harder than this afternoon's. Panting she kisses me, then nods. "Yes, I want to know."

I take my hand off her pussy, brace myself with my hands on the wall, then press my body into Janice=s, kissing her hard. "You're so sexy, absolutely glowing." I back off a bit, but still have my hands on the wall, and just look at her.

"It's so hot." Shivering, she wipes her brow. "Ah, what are you waiting for?"

"Janice, I'm trying to be a gentleman, and need to be asked."

"Oh." She kisses me. "Jamie, come into my room, please."

Squeeze her titties, getting her to moan, then I thrust into her crotch. "Unh-unh, told you it starts here." I unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse. "What do you want me to do?"

"Jamie, I want you to take off my wet panties and lick me."

"Um-m, love to Janice." I slide down her, and she picks up her skirt for me, then I kiss her panty-covered pussy. "Goodness, my pretty, your panties are even wetter, nice bush." Take her shoes off, then kiss my way up her stocking covered legs.

Instead of untying her panties where I sit, turn her until the bow is facing me. Kiss all around her bow, then untie the string, exposing half her bottom and bush. I kiss her butt cheek and mom starts panting, or is still panting. I turn her back to face me, lick up her thigh, then her bush, causing her to moan. Gently turn her the other way, cup her pussy, before untying the second bow, because of my hand her panties stay, but her bottom and bush are exposed.

After more kisses I turn her back to face me. I massage her bush while pulling her panties out from between her legs. Janice sucks her lungs full of air, as an orgasm runs through her body. "God, that was the greatest, and you only took off my panties."

"Spread your legs, my little cutie."

"I've only had three men," her breathing is harsh, "two were near useless, and no women. Your father was alright, but never did anything like this. Jamie, I don't have very much experience."

"You don't need experience." Kiss her pussy, getting a low growl out of her. I push her legs apart. "All you need to do is relax, and enjoy me." I run my tongue lightly across her slit getting her to whimper. "Don't hold back, Janice. You're going to be going off like a steam whistle, the rest of the night, and well into the morning."

"G-guess, I needed t-this." Janice sighs. "It feels s-so good, so very, v-very g-good."

"Definitely," is all I can say, as I savor the wetness of her pussy. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get my mother in this position again, but it's something I've dreamed about forever, and in this case real life was so much better.

I stick my tongue in her pussy, wiggle it side to side, then stick it as deep as I can. Janice tenses up and grabs my head. "Oh god, that feels good, like never before. Um-m, Jamie girl, eat my pussy. I need this so badly, don't stop, baby girl." Move up to her clit, and I slide a finger in her pussy. Leaning back into the wall she is panting, mumbling how good it feels.

Her climax begins and she is howling, her knees buckle, she drops her skirt and steadies herself with my head. I suck on her clit, setting her off on another orgasm. I stand, and wasn't going to kiss her, seeing as my face is covered in pussy juice, but she pulls me to her and kisses me.

We break, and still panting mom shakes her head. "Seriously, thought I might pass out. No doubt about it, never had anything like that before, I=m not sure I can walk."

"You don't have to." I unzip her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, then I finish unbuttoning her blouse, it joined her skirt. I get a picture of her still leaning against the wall, looking very flushed. Pick her up and with her hands around my neck she nestles her head into my shoulder. I readjust her so I'm able to slip a finger in her pussy. "Better?"

"Oh god yes." She kisses me, then purrs, "I take it all those girls calling for you wanted a date."

"What girls?"

"You know." Mom rolls her eyes. "At least five a week still call here, and most ask for Jamie the tongue."

"Sorry, thought they had stopped ages ago." I shrug. "Yes, most probably a first date, but some a second or third."

She nibbles on my ear. "Um-m, I can see that, baby girl, I can see that very easy. Guess the boys aren't too impressed with such a lovely tongue."

There was a minor hitch or two, but my plan worked perfectly. Even though we weren't physical mom had been my major love interest for the last ten years and now she is in my arms, enjoying the afterglow of a fine orgasm, I gave her. Just stand there enjoying the fact, as my dream girl hugs me.
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-Part 2- The Difference

Take my time getting my new girl to the bed, stopping every couple of feet to kiss her, always running my finger in and out of her. Lay her down, kiss and suck on her stocking covered feet and toes, then I get plenty of pictures. I eat her pussy until she has another decent orgasm, then unhook her front garters before having her roll over on her stomach. After a few snapshots I unhook the back garters.

Pull her cheeks apart and lick Janice's rosebud, getting her to croon. Slip two, then three fingers in her pussy while working on her butt, getting my tongue as deep as I can in her bottom. Clutching the bedspread she starts bucking, trying to thrust my tongue deeper into her. Shaking she cries out, "I'm cumming again! Oh my fucking god!"

While she is coming down I massage her cheeks, running my hands down her thighs to where the stockings start, with her pussy making delicious sloppy sounds. I rub her shoulders. "Alright horny girl, lets roll you over, finish getting you undressed, then I'll eat your pussy to a nice climax, before giving you some dick."

"Another? Oh god, I don't know if I can survive. Honey, I'm not used to this."

Laughing I let her lay on her back, then massage her titties. "What are you talking about? You did great, and I promised you three."

"And I've had ten, which broke my old nightly total by nine." Janice closes her eyes and shakes her head. "No one has ever done anything to my bottom, or ate me like that either."

"You've only had two orgasms," I giggle, "those others were too wimpy and don't count. Now I know about your virgin bottom, I'm taking that after making love to you and fucking you." I kiss her. "We can stop if you want, horny girl."

"No! Heavens no, don't stop baby girl. I'll risk permanent injury it I have to, but don't stop."

Snickering I slowly roll her stockings down, kissing and massaging her legs as they're exposed, but going back up and working on her pussy enough to get her panting before this task is through. Once both stockings and her garter belt is off I concentrate on her pussy and clit, getting another loud screaming orgasm out of her.

Throughout the night I've been peeling my clothes off and only have my pants to go. I stand beside the bed and get three more pictures, then Janice watches with eager anticipation as I pull off my pants. My eight-incher springs out and she gasps, "Oh my, it's long and thick. I'm not sure I can handle you." I get a shot of her wide-eyed wonderment, knowing this is going to be a favorite.

Pick up my dick from the back and it's only an inch and three quarters wide, and I give it a good shake. "Just the angle you're at, sweetheart, you'll do fine." I crawl up on the bed, kiss her and run my hands across her body in light passes, alternating with heavier ones, ones just using my fingertips, some my mouth or tip of my tongue, and she is squirming all over. Get between her legs and run the cockhead up and down her sopping wet slit. "You ready, baby?"

"Yes, I want my fucking."

I lean down, kiss her, then nibble on her earlobe. "We're still making love, you cute sexy thing. You're so hot I might just keep doing it all night long."

She groans, and I slip my dick three inches in her getting a loud, "Christ, that's good." I pull out a couple inches, then go forward five. "Argh, so damn good." Pull out three inches, then give her all of my dick. "Of fuck, that's the fucking best."

I like mom's raunchy language, because she hardly swore any more. She used to a lot, when she was a teenager, even taught me all the dirty words and their meaning. But, we always blamed grandpa Jim when I got caught using them.

Give her a couple thrusts to make sure she can take it all, then I start my strokes, nice easy four inch ones, getting her to purr and clutch my back. I kiss her, then take a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, now giving her random strokes at different speeds and her legs start shaking. "Oh fuck, I'm going to do it again. Ah-h, Jesus, it's unbelievable. Argh-h! Yes! Yes! Damn good!"

Jack rabbit her a bit and she squeals, biting my shoulder and clawing at my back. It's so hot I climax, getting me to hump faster, setting her off even more. When she let go I raise up off her, leaving my dick deep in her, and lick the tips of her nipples, getting her to coo, "Goodness baby girl, everything you do is so magical, I have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming."

"Know the feeling." I kiss her, long and tenderly. "It's easy to please someone so sensual, so passionate." I kiss her, then start kissing my way down her body while giving her little thrusts, getting her to moan. By the time I get down to the middle of her belly my dick is out.

I slide down and take her clit in my mouth. She gets me by the ears. "I love you, baby girl, and you're driving me crazy."

Lick her pussy until she is breathing erratically I pull off, then sit up. I pat the side of her butt. "Alright cutie, lets get you on your side for a little spooning." She rolls on to her side, and I slip my dick between her legs. "Just drape your top leg on me, cutie." I snuggle up to her back, wiggle an arm under her so I can cup both of her breasts. I nibble on her ear, whispering how much I love her and how she turns me on, while thrusting up into her.

"Oh baby girl, this is so good. We're so naughty." She turns her head so we can kiss, and I slide one hand down her belly to her clit. She doesn't break and clutches my head, continuing our kiss through her climax. Panting Janice giggles. "Honey, I'd never call you a liar, but in my book I've just been fucked, for the first time in my life."

"Actually," I lick her chin, "you're about to be, hot stuff, soon as I go pee."

She shakes her head. "Might get more of the same, but it can't be better."

Laughing I run into the front bathroom with my dick swinging wildly about, getting mom to giggle. I take off my eight-incher and put on my ten-incher. It has no head, just tapered at the end and is two and a quarter inches in diameter.

No way can I run with this pecker between my legs and as soon as Janice sees me she squeals, "Oh shit, no way baby, I can't take that. Your's had me maxed. That thing is longer and wider."

Pissed I didn't take my camera, because her expression is fantastic, and no way can it be faked. "Don't know til we try." I clap my hands. "Come on sexy, on all fours, head down, your hot little pussy up. I'm going to fuck you."

She sighs, then gets on all fours, head down, but keeps a constant eye on my new dick. Take some pictures before I crawl up on the bed, then over to Janice, dragging my dick between my legs, getting her to giggle. Lick her pussy before settling in between her legs. Tapered as it is the first five inches went in before it started slowing down. Again three strokes and I'm up to my rubber balls in Janice's pussy.

With me fully in her I use both hands, deeply rubbing the full length of her back, massaging her shoulders. "How you feel, cutie?"

"Um-m, good," she giggles, "good and stuffed. I can't believe it."

"Okay sexy, head on the bed. You want them fast and furious? Get a hold of your clitty." Run my thumb up and down her butt crack. "I don't want to hurt you cutie, so if it gets too much wave your hand behind your back. Ready?"

Janice wiggles her butt and thrusts back into me. "Yes, please fuck me."

With my left hand I put pressure on the small of her back to keep her from thrashing about while giving her two and three inch strokes. With the thumb of my right hand I massage her rosebud, until she starts rocking and panting. Grab her by the hips and start giving her four or five inch thrusts, which immediately set her off squealing. Pick up my speed and I'm giving her strokes up to nine inches and she is howling.

She must've came half a dozen times, and I slow so I can only use one hand to hold her and stick a finger in her butt. She starts screaming while I pump her pussy and butt. It goes on ten maybe fifteen minutes, then Janice waves behind her back. I pull out immediately and she falls over on her side. Poor Janice lay there panting and trembling.

Lay down face to face, rubbing her side and kiss her forehead, then her eyes, before giving her a kiss on the lips. "How are you doing, sexy girl?"

Smiling she nods. "I stand corrected, now I've been fucked. Baby girl, it's indescribable, and I'm exhausted." She giggles. "And I thought I was going to bed, or should I say going to sleep early tonight, guess that ship sailed."

"Oh, not only the ship, but the night." I massage her titties and kiss her. "We've been at it for over three hours, it's almost two in the morning."

"Three hours?" She snorts. "So, it's true, time flies when you're having fun." She giggles. "Or is that fucking time flies when you're having fun? Pun intended."

I laugh with her and cup her pussy. "Oh it was more than fun, you little hotie." I was afraid she would come to her senses tomorrow and I didn't want this to end. "So cutie, you want me to take care of your virgin bottom, or get some sleep?" She looks down at the big boy. "No, it's the other."

"Oh well, that makes a huge difference, pun intended." She giggles. "So far it's definitely been worth every second of lost sleep. It's up to you baby," she hangs her head, "you really want to do my butt?"

"What a silly question. I love you, and will do anything you want." With a finger under her chin I raise her head, until I'm looking in her eyes. "I'd love to take your bottom, and will be gentle. I promise it won't hurt. Nothing but pure pleasure, or pure butt pleasure, pun intended."

She giggles. "You can do anything you want to me, I know you'd never hurt me." She kisses me. "Take that thing off, please." She keeps kissing me, while I take off my dick, once off she pushes me on to my back. She massages my titties, then slides her hand down my belly and sucks my nipples. I spread my legs, as her hand goes between my thighs and her middle finger enters my pussy. "I want you to take care of my virgin bottom, after I eat your pussy."

"Um-m, I'd like that."

Janice had to search a bit and was off the mark a time or two, but she got the job done and I enjoy an orgasm. Grinning she slides up my body. "How did I do, baby girl?"

"Great, especially for being a virgin, you sexy lady." I pull her up to kiss her, then lick my cream off her chin. "How did you like it?"

"A lot better than dick." She giggles. "I wasn't very good at blow jobs, and didn't want to practice much." She shrugs. "You know me, I have to gag a little pill down." She runs her hand through my hair and gives each of my nipples a kiss. "I might not be very good with a pussy either, but I certainly want to practice."

"Hell, I'll sacrifice a lot of my free time and volunteer." I laugh, and wiggling her eyebrows a wicked smile spreads across her face. She doesn't accept, but doesn't say no. I kiss her. "I'm going to go get the other guy, and you a glass of water. We don't need you getting dehydrated."

With the eight-incher back on I bring her some water and a small bowl of ice cream. Her eyes are closed, and she is in a great pose. I take a few pictures, then my girl stirs, and holds out her arms. "Feel like I'm in a dream, a wonderful sexy dream. Hug me please, and kiss me, baby girl."

One more quick picture, then I'm in her arms. I break and run a finger over her lips. "Best dream I've ever had. Brought you your favorite, rocky road, drenched in chocolate syrup. Just lay there, I'm going to feed my sexy girl."

"Um-m, that–" Janice breaks into a giggle, as chocolate syrup dribbles all over her chest. "You're making a mess."

I run the spoon up her chin before sliding it between her lips. "Really, I'll clean it up in a bit." Dish up another spoonful, then lay the spoon on a nipple, getting her to shiver. "Sorry, have no where else to put it, and need a picture." Get up and hold the camera, then try to sound stern, "Can you stop giggling sexy lady, just for a sec? I need a decent shot of your hot little body making this ice cream boil."

Get two before she starts giggling. I give her another spoonful. "How is it?"

"Great," she runs her hands down my chest, "best night of my life."

"Meant the ice cream." I bend over and lick her syrup coated nipple. "Um-m, it's great too." I dribble more on her other nipple, then she gets a bite. By the time the bowl is empty she is covered in ice cream and chocolate syrup, titties, tummy and plenty running down between her legs. "My girl has made a mess, can I get a shot or two before cleaning you up, sexy?"

"Yes, it feels so good, but I want your tongue, your fantastically wonderful tongue." She wiggles her butt and giggles. "It's running into my pussy."

"Well, I better get busy." After getting my pictures I put my tongue to work, giving her two orgasms before I lick up all the syrup. I kiss her before giving her the glass of water.

She drinks it and grins. "So, back on all fours, or what?"

"Whatever you like, cutie. Takes some prep time, so on your stomach is more comfortable to start. For penetration you have more control on all fours. Some like to lie on a pillow or two. We can do it on your side, or back, on my back, even standing on your head, but those are usually advanced positions."

"Goodness," mom giggles, "you've done all this, baby girl?"

"No, not all of them, yet. But, there is plenty of time to, when you want." I laugh as her eyes grow big, then I kiss her. "I have books on sexuality, the female body and sexual positions. They're what made the bag so heavy you were complaining about."

She sighs. "Looks like this is going to have to be done a few times before a definitive answer can be found." We both laugh, and I feel great about our future. She lays flat on her stomach and pats her butt. "I'll start like this."

"Sounds great, and definitely looks great." Rubbing her back I kiss her, then kiss my way down to her rosebud. She raises her butt up, trying to get more contact, and I give it to her, burying my tongue in her butt. A shiver runs through her body, as humping the bed she moans, and getting louder as I keep tonguing her rosebud.

Run two fingers in her pussy, and Janice raises up enough to snake a hand down to her clit. With her help she has a nice orgasm, then I back off and pat her on the butt. "On all fours, cutie. Head down, sexy bottom up."

She gets in position and I give her a slow full lick, starting as low as I can reach and ending with my tongue in her rosebud. She wiggles her butt. "You make me so hot, I could cry."

Run three fingers in her pussy, and two in her butt. "I've felt that way before, you ready for me to take your bottom?"

"Yes, please baby, I want you to have me every way you can." She humps against my hands. "Jamie, I'm yours always, whenever you want."

There is nothing I want to hear more than those words, it almost makes me cum. I'm so happy and want to do such a great job I take my time slipping just the head past her tight sphincter. Once in I run my finger all around my dick, massaging her bottom, then I massage her cheeks before pushing slightly forward. Janice groans as I slide in another inch, then I wait, but on her own she backs up, putting another inch in her.

After I get five inches in her I pull out and tongue her now open butthole, getting her to hum and wiggle her bottom. She is so wet her thighs are slick, and I run my hand up her slit gathering her moisture, then spread it on my shaft. My cockhead easily penetrates her bottom, but I take it slow, giving her one inch at a time.

Soon as my rubber balls makes contact Janice wiggles her butt. "God this feels so much better than I thought it would." She reaches between my legs and runs a finger down my slit, sending a delightful shiver up my spine. "So good, um-m, and never hurt."

I lay on her back, massaging her titties, kissing her shoulders, then nibble on her ears. "You ready sexy? Same signal as last time, wave behind your back."

"Okay, I'm ready honey. Please fuck me."

She gets it nice and slow, with me massaging her back and butt. Janice has a nice long build up ending in a great, extended orgasm. When through I pull out, and she pats me on the leg. "Oh god, m-more, please baby girl."

"Sure sexy, but only one, you'll get too sore." I lick her, and wiggling her bottom she purrs.

This time I put my dick in her butt in two strokes, and she immediately starts humping back into me. I give her faster and longer strokes, but it takes her about the same time to build up, however the climax is twice as powerful, and my sexy girl falls to the side, pulling my dick out of her. She lay on her side, body trembling with a rivulet of cum running out of her pussy.

Bend down and suck her pussy, getting her to scream and flood my mouth with cum. I roll her on to her back, spread her legs and go to town on her pussy. Her legs are kicking and she gets me by the head, humping my face. "Yes, oh yes, eat me. God, yes eat my pussy! Argh, I'm cumming again, baby girl." Her thighs clamp down on my head. "Oh yes, my precious girl, god damn! Fuck me!"

Gives me two more squirts, then Janice collapses, arms and legs laying flat on the bed and she is gasping for breath. I move up and kiss her, nearly sliding off her face. "You're the definition of hot mama." I brush the hair off her sweat covered face, then give her a far better kiss. "I love you, my sexy beautiful lady."

"Jesus, that was intense." She giggles. "Baby girl, I think you fucked me into paralysis."

"You squirted, twice at least, maybe three times." She wrinkles her nose, and I run my finger from the middle of her lower lip to the middle of her titties, then do a figure eight around her titties. "Female ejaculation, some say it's just loss of bladder control, but it's a woman's cum. It's in several of the books."

"See," Janice is able to shake her head, "there's so much I don't know about my own body." She giggles. "Guess, I'll be spending some time with your library, and studying up. Suppose you'll help me with my homework?"

"Definitely." Now just running little circles around her nipples I kiss her. "Have to warn you, there are a lot of tests, and you've got to keep taking them til you get a hundred percent on them."

"Okay, I can hang." Snickering she runs a hand over her crotch, then brings it to her mouth. "Don't think it's pee, but I wouldn't doubt it, since you knocked the piss out of me with that one. God, how can I expect you to do this again if I just wind up peeing on you."

I laugh, and lightly brush my palms across her hard nipples. "It was cum, and if you want, you can pee on me. All I want to do is make you happy, always."

"Really? How nice, and naughty. Baby girl, I'm so way past happy." She snuggles up on my shoulder, cups my far breast, kisses me long and tenderly, then sucks on my nearest breast. "I mean it baby girl, I'd love for you to be here always." I'm so happy I start to cry, something I rarely do. Mom kisses me, then again and again. "I'm sorry baby, was it something I said? I don't want to see you sad, or–"

"Mom, I'm not sad, I'm happy, no ecstatic." Our lips meet, and I give her the best kiss I've ever given, enough to get her panting. "I love you, sexy lady, and will stay with you forever."

"Um-m," she hugs me, "me too. I love you, baby girl, and will stay with you forever and a day. How did I do on my first lesson?"

"Well, do you know the difference?"

"You mean besides a sore pussy?"

I cup her pussy and kiss her. "Hope you're not too sore. I should've stopped at–"

"Honey, I'm not that sore." She giggles, tweaks my nose and kisses me on the cheek. "Stop worrying, it was fantastic, and absolutely nothing I didn't want or need. You're an extraordinary daughter, and beautiful young lady to do this for me. Thank you, I love you, baby girl, and having sex with you has made me fucking ecstatic, pun intended."

I laugh at her, and our little game of finding puns we used to play. If we said a pun and didn't declare it we got an arm punch. "Don't thank me, it was my pleasure, and I love you. I'll be here whenever you want."

"Okay, that's great. And I know the difference... Well, enough now to ask for a fuck or to make love, both of which I loved and will be requesting frequently." She held her nose. "But, we're really going to have to do something about this mess, or our bedroom is going to smell like a stable." She giggles, and snuggles up to me. "Give me two minutes, then we'll go shower up. I'm a sticky mess."

"I can't help worrying about you, and want to see you happy." Stroking her hair I gently kiss her. "You need to take it easy, I've never seen anyone do what you've done. So, how about ten minutes, my sex-starved girl?" Mom shut her eyes, and I lay there thinking instead of this being a dream come true it just might be a dream. Well over four hours, closer to five, of intense sex, and my lover now lay on my shoulder, sleeping soundly.

It's just my nature, I always worry, half the stress of school was my doing, this was no different. Mom had a couple drinks with dinner, two glasses of wine at the gallery, and I think one here, a lot for someone who very rarely drinks. Surely it was enough to lower her inhabitation to our situation, sober she might chalk it up to a major mistake, like all my dates with men. On the other hand, she was stone cold sober this afternoon, enjoying me and letting me enjoy her.

Thinking it over, there was no doubt she liked our time at the pool, one I instigated and one she did all on her own, neither time helping me with the sunscreen. She didn't complain it took me near five minutes to rub the oil on her boobies, even looked disappointed I stopped. Plus all those other little hints, saying, 'our' bedroom, also she said, 'requesting frequently,' not again. She meant a lot more than once or twice in the future.

Growing up we weren't mother/daughter close, but we were good friends close. She was always very affectionate, giving me plenty of hugs and kisses. Slept together every night until I was nine, then off and on until I was fifteen, but the grandparents didn't approve. We even used to shower together, up until I was thirteen, she might've still been willing, but I got way too worked up.

None of this mattered, because one thing was certain, no matter how much flirting we had done my final advances were a complete shock to her. And she was so susceptible to guilt, grandpa Jim used it all the time, and it was his best weapon against mom. No, she was going to feel guilty.

Almost started crying, convinced she wasn't even going to want to see me again. I couldn't bear the thought of not having sex with this beautiful woman again. And I didn't want it to be an occasional thing, filling in between dates, I wanted it daily and nightly.

Rubbing her back I breathed in deeply, enjoying the smell of her hair and scent of her sex. She was wrong and I was right, my girl was a tiger in bed. Shut my eyes, thinking it was a good plan, trust in the plan, this was not the last time. Janice was my girl.
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-Part 3-

The Revelation

Wake up to mom sucking my dick and fingering my pussy, thinking there goes my worries of last night would be our only encounter. I run my hand through her hair. "Hey beautiful, what are you doing up so early?"

She giggles. "Can't believe it, but I'm so horny." She slides up and kisses me. "Honey, I need you to make love to me."

Rolling her on to her back I cup a breast. "Love to, Ja–"

"No Jamie, I want you to make love to me this afternoon." Her legs go wide. "This morning I want you to fuck me."

"Um-m, love to you little hottie, but first I've got to pee."

Get a picture and take off my eight inch dildo, before heading for the bathroom. When I get back mom's eyes grow huge, and she shakes her head. "No way, can I take that monster." This time I get the shot.

Pick up on the twelve inch dildo, hanging from my harness. "Guess we'll see soon enough, cutie. But, I'm betting you'll have no trouble getting off with it." Had to be a six inch downward curve to it, and a three inch diameter head with a two and three quarter inch shaft. It is a monster.

Mom doesn't complain, just gets on all fours, butt in the air, head on the bed. I get behind her, spread her cheeks and give her a full lick, causing her to yip and raise up. "Oh honey, don't lick me, after a night of sex I must be pretty stinky and disgusting."

"You're fine, Janice. I'll give you a bath when making love to you." Smacking her on the butt I giggle. "But, you better get used to getting ate, from now on I plan on doing this delightful honor at least once or twice every day."

"No, this has been the greatest, but ends after the weekend." She sits up, turns and kisses me. "I know what I said last night, but it was at the peak of ecstasy, so to speak. You don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine, might even try dating, again. As for you, baby girl, you need to find a nice fellow and start a family soon."

"Ah... mom, you do know I'm gay? You had to have some kind of suspicion?"

"Certainly explains all the phone calls." Thinking she forgot last night's conversation on the matter I scrunch up my face, and she shrugs. "I know you told me last night, still thought they were crank calls, all those girls calling, most asking for Jamie the tongue. Figure they were giving you a hard time after hearing about that particular function."

"Oh, I don't think any of them were joking." I shrug. "Sorry about that, it–"

"No, perfectly understandable, now." She giggles. "If last night was our real first date, the one thing that definitely would have stuck out is your tongue, pun intended." We both laugh, and she sighs. "Also explains why those girls were trying so hard to find you. I told them you were at school and they wanted to drive there. I figured since they had no idea where you were they couldn't be too good of friends, and you didn't know them. Some even offered me money to tell them where you were, saying they did know you. Apparently, you knew them enough to–"

"Mom," I cut her off, "that is in the past, and I didn't know most of them too well." I tug at my ear, and hunch my shoulders. "Used to be naughty and enjoy getting straight girls on their back, screaming to the heavens I was the best."

Her eyes grow big as saucers, and she nods. "Yeah, I can see that, as well as you making a fine impression. So, you are gay?"

"Yes, I'm a certified, card carrying, dues paying lesbian, in good standing." She wrinkles her nose, as if I might not be sure, laughing I roll my eyes and shrug. "Tried men enough to know, I like women, and that isn't going to change any time soon, if ever."

"Oh, well I..." she sighs, "Well, then you need to find a nice girl. What about the one you were talking about last night? I take it, you meant a girl when you–"

"Mom," I put my finger on her lips, "I've found my dream girl. I love you."

"Yes, and I certainly love you, honey. But, it's different than–"

"No mom, last night I was talking about you, describing you. This just didn't happen, and every bit of it was on purpose. I wasn't confused or play acting calling you my girl." Shake my head, and I rub her back. "No mistake, I love Janice, my beautiful, sexy woman, and fantastic lover. Have for years, ever since I started having sexual urges." Take her by the head and kiss her hard, both of us giving the other plenty of tongue. "It's not going to go away, and you don't want it to. I'll make love to you, and fuck you every day."

"Well," she takes a deep breath, "I certainly love you, daughter, always have, always will. Your sexual preference isn't a factor with me." She hangs her head. "Already, think I love Jamie, my exceptional lover. Definitely love what she does to me, but there could be complications, as well as the adjustments which must be made."

"Yes, all of which can be discussed later." I cup both of her titties. "Right now I want to fuck my girl." I kiss her. "Anything you want?"

She giggles. "Without a doubt, fucked by you is at the top of the list." She gets back in position, then looks at me. "Will you eat my stinky pussy?"

Did not answer, just stick my tongue deep in her pussy, getting her to moan. I lick her pussy and rosebud, producing a quick orgasm, then slide under her and suck on her clit. Fingers in her butt and pussy, mouth locked on her clit, in less than five minutes I send her off on her second orgasm, a hard one, very vocal, lasting at least a minute.

She is still quivering when I get in position and rub my huge cockhead up and down her juicy slit. The head slips in far easier than I imagined it would, getting a loud contented groan from Janice. I rub her back, and she wiggles her butt. "I'm so full, and love it. Fuck me, baby girl." With her moaning I slowly enter her an inch at a time. She pants, "You close?"

"Seven inches." Lean over and massage both titties. "My girl is going to have an orgasm or two by the time I get her ready to fuck."

Humming she nods. "Um-m, count on it, I'm so close."

Without putting more dildo in her I rub the small of her back with one hand and her clit with the other. She starts bucking with this orgasm, getting another two or three inches in her pussy, which just prolongs her climax. I wait until she quits howling before putting another inch in her.

Working together we keep at it and she starts a second orgasm, this time slamming back into me, driving my dick balls-deep in her pussy, getting her to scream. I thought she hurt herself, but in seconds she humps back and forth on the dildo. "Oh yes, give me another, baby girl. I want fucked with your big cock."

Start with three inch strokes, then give her long ones up to ten inches and she screams again. This time she doesn't pop back up, so I pull out. I lay beside her, and she grins. "You done, because I'm certainly not?"

"No, you're getting too wild, which is sexy, so hot, cutie." I kiss her. "But, to be safe, you're going to be on top, in control. That way if it's hurting, you will stop a lot sooner."

"Um-m, in control, I like the sound of that."

I lie on my back and wiggle my dick. "Come on sexy, time to fuck."

"Um-m, I really like the sound of that."

She straddles me, then nearly has to stand to get above my dick. On the third stroke she is fully sitting on it. I massage her titties. "That's my good girl. Now you can lay on me, lean forward or back, even just stay seated. Your pleasure."

"Oh yeah, you can say that again." Janice leans forward. "I'll start here, and try them all, see which one gives me the best orgasm."

I thought she was joking, but she rides me to an orgasm in six different positions, ending up flat on my chest, panting, "Toss up, test failed." She giggles. "Have to do it again." She gasps, "But, no energy, eat me, baby girl, please."

Try to roll her off, but she gets hung up on my dick. With a bit of effort, because she is doing nothing more than giggle, I get out of her, and Janice on her back. For my convenience I take off the monster before heading down to eat pussy.

Sucking on her clit I put two fingers up her, cup them a bit and search around. When she starts squealing I know I found her g-spot, and stay right on it. Takes ten minutes and I'm rewarded with a scream, as she raises her hips a foot off the bed, shooting a stream of cum over my head and at least three-foot away. I can't believe what I just saw and she shoots two more streams while lowering herself back to the bed, first hit me square in the face, second in the chest.

It is nearly clear, hot, slick and a tad salty. Bend down lick her pussy and she pushes me away. "Too much, need breather."

Shaking my head I laugh, thinking hell it took long enough to get to this point, most are happy with a handful of orgasms. I go up and give her a kiss. "Can't believe you, you're so hot, a fucking machine. How did you not run off with the first taste of sex?"

She pulls me to her and we kiss, with her panting in my mouth. We break and I kiss parts of her body while she is calming down. She pulls me back up and kisses me. "Honey, we were a pair of stupid, inexperienced kids. Hell, I wasn't much more than a baby, and Bobby was a small, shy kid, who I thought was my age. Where you got your height is beyond me." She strokes my cheek. "We didn't meet at school, or even talk about school, it was summer vacation." She smiles. "First day out of school we meet at a park, he was sitting by himself feeding the ducks. I asked if I could join him, we just sat there feeding the ducks. He lived nearby, and liked the park, so did I, so we started hanging out every day. Towards the end of summer, it just all went bad."

Tears are in her eyes, and I rub her forehead. "It's alright mom, you don't have to–"

"No baby girl, I should've told you years ago, but grandpa Jim banned it all, made it taboo. I would've got in a lot of trouble if you repeated anything. Sorry, I should've told you." She gives me a kiss, then dabs at her eyes. "We liked each other, and there wasn't a lot to do, so we fooled around a time or two, actually a whole bunch of times, no intercourse. But doing other things we had heard about, both out of curiosity, neither of us had any experience." She sighs. "It was fun, a lot of fun, so we took it a step further. Even used a rubber, but didn't put it on right, or something, because you were conceived the very first time. We had sex two more times, which were better each time, before I found out I was pregnant."

"So, dad never knew your age?"

"Never, and I didn't know his, or I would've never said a word." Mom wipes away the tears. "I was sick, throwing up every morning. Mom took me to the doctor and bam he comes back in to say, 'you're pregnant.' Mom had seen me with Bobby, she asked, I was in shock and answered. I didn't find out Bobby's age til the police came that night, I told them he didn't know my age, it wasn't rape, and I wanted to do it, but it didn't matter. For the rest of his life he was unfairly called a rapist, worse a pedophile, a registered sex offender." She snorts. "After that sex was kind of scary."

"I can see that."

"But," she cups my titties, "with my new lover there's no fear of pregnancy, and you released something in me, pun intended, several times now." We both laugh, then she pulls me down and hugs me. "Baby girl, I know what I said earlier, but I was thinking about you and your future. This is my first taste of true sex, and I want more, a lot more." She kisses, then holds my head, so we're looking eye to eye. "Honestly, baby girl, without you and this, I think I'd just die in a couple of months. I mean it, that's the truth, six months tops."

"Don't worry, we won't ever have to find out if it's true or not." I kiss her, then she hugs me, oh so tight, and we both sob. I'm in heaven.

She kisses me, then licks her lips. "Baby girl, what is all over you?"

Wiping off my cheek I giggle. "You sprayed me, twice. Second two, first, the big one, sailed over my head and I think clear off the bed, maybe hit the wall. Still, we're talking garden hose strength for the last two, first one was probably like a fire hose." My poor mom gets all red. Kissing her I laugh and shake my head. "It's not a bad thing, it's great, I loved it, and I'm jealous. Must've been so intense, and the scream... Ah, wow, it–"

"Jamie stop, it's embarrassing," she swats me on the shoulder, "and I wasn't that loud."

"Oh please, mom! If we had a neighbor within five hundred feet of us, the police would be breaking down the door, sure someone was being killed in here." I kiss her, long and passionately, as I feel her titties and pussy up. "And I did it! Don't be embarrassed, you sexy little cutie, I'm so proud I turned my girl on so much, and gave her such satisfaction." I kiss her. "It won't be the last, not by a long shot, pun intended."

"Well, don't think I was that loud, but I certainly have been satisfied." Janice sighs, as I'm kissing my way down her body, she puts her hands on my shoulders, pushing me towards her pussy.

I eat her to a nice climax, then sit up. "You needed that after the big one, now time for a shower and breakfast. I need to keep up my strength, so as I can fuck you, cutie."

"Oh baby, you've done that." I'm off the bed, and Janice holds out her hand. "Might need a little help, until I learn how to walk bow-legged."

We laugh, and I help her up, but she isn't having any trouble walking. I'm amazed out how tough she was, but guess that's how she withstood grandpa Jim her whole life.

The sex was fantastic, but we are an absolute mess, and the shower is wonderful. My girl hangs on me, and I wash us with no help from her, it's great. Dry Janice first, then put her on the toilet. I dry off, then wipe her and help her off the toilet. She kisses me. "Baby girl, I think we're going to need to take a nap, and I mean a real one, with actual sleeping."

"After breakfast... Well, by now, I guess after brunch."

She is looking in the full-length mirror, turning this way and that. "I don't see beautiful, sexy, or even cute."

"You never will." I step up behind her, wrap my arms around her, cupping her breasts and kiss her neck. "But, I see the perfect woman, my perfect woman."

"Perfect?" She snorts. "I need to lose five or six pounds, hopefully out of my mid-section and thighs, which are all too big. My left nipple is lower than my right, and go figure, my right booby sags more, which you might be able to see if you could ever manage to keep your hands off them."

"Fine." I kiss her on the neck, and take my hands off her titties. "I won't do it–"

"Oh yes you will." She puts my hands back on her titties, then playfully swats me on the side of the butt. "Only time you need to take those hands off my boobies is when you need to touch some other body part of mine."

"I can do that." I kiss her, and she turns in my arms to face me. We hold each other tight rubbing our titties and pussies against each other. I look her in the eye. "You're my dream girl, the perfect woman, I know that, and so did dad."

She starts crying, and we just hold each other, her head on my shoulder. "I'm thirty-four, and feel like I'm fourteen, maybe eighteen. No doubt, you're the adult in this relationship, always will be, but I'm not getting any younger."

It was never a real mystery, but I knew where my worrying came from. I kiss her, and stroke her hair. "I fell in love with the twenty-four year old you, and it hasn't done anything but grow stronger, and will continue to do so." I shrug. "Why not think of it as an older hottie snagging a young dyke."

Janice tries to laugh, but only manages a stuttering sob. "Y-you think?" I nod, and still crying she buries her head in my shoulder. I rub her back, and in a bit she nibbles on my ear. "Take me to my old room, and make love to me."

"You horny little thing, what about brunch?"

"After, and can you leave the harness off?"

"Sure sexy girl." I pick her up, and giggling she wiggles her butt around until I have a finger in her. "You know sooner or later we're going to have to eat food, and clean the house."

"Yeah, later is fine." Kisses me on the neck, then she nibbles my other ear. "I can't imagine how strong you might be if you worked at it. With your frame, carrying me around isn't easy."

"Jesus mom, you weigh what? One-twenty, tops? I'm at one-thirty–"

"One-eighteen, but I'd like to be one-ten. Still that's pretty good, seeing as you only use one hand, other always having to be in my pussy." She giggles. "Or at least I hope that is where it always has to be."

"Sure is, my sexy girl."

I lay her on the bed and eat her to a climax before getting in a '69' so we can enjoy climaxes together, which we do twice. Mom is much better this time, and claims the harness got in the way her first time. I get up and she rolls on her stomach, spreading her legs a tad, saying something about how good she felt. Can't help myself, crawl back between her legs and do her bottom getting her giggling and squealing.

After her orgasm she wants to wrestle a bit to show me the error of my back door sneak attack. I let her win and she pins me, by kneeling on my shoulders, claiming 'head' as a war prize. She enjoys me eating her pussy, while being the dominate. When through I get a kiss for such a fine job, and another for letting her win the match.

By the time I get my girl to the kitchen, brunch is history. Sitting side by side we dish up yesterday's leftover chicken salad.

Halfway through lunch mom rubs my thigh. "So, honey, am I gay?"

Chuckling I shake my head. "Mom, if you have to ask the question, then no, you're not."

"Oh." She wrinkles her nose. "Then what am I?"

"Well," I scratch my head, "most will label you as bi-sexual. However, if you're only seen with me you will get the lesbian tag. In truth, I think you're just a person who likes good sex, and–"

"That's not good sex, that's way beyond great sex, and I don't care if it was done by a man, lady, or monkey."

I laugh and wag a finger no. "That's a whole other classification. I was just going to say, our sex wasn't too much different than if you were with a man. I did the same things any decent man would do to please his lady, if you could find one interested in such a foreign concept." We both laugh. "Course, I don't ever have a problem with going off premature, or getting soft. Okay, and I might stay down longer, or go down more on you, because I truly enjoy pussy. But–"

"Um-m, I like pussy too." Mom arches an eyebrow and grins. "I mean it, I love my tongue in you, feeling you spasm and tasting your excitement. You're so soft and men so hard, it's just–"

"Oops, pun." I lightly punch her in the arm, "you missed one, men so hard."

She scrunches up her face, then chuckles. "Okay that's a little punny, pun intended. But, you know what I meant."

"Yes, and the scales might tip a bit more to lesbian." I kiss her. "Most won't even bother you about it, just watch out for drunk men in the bars and bull dykes, when they try to pick you up, both can get nasty. Dykes can be rough on semi-virgin lesbians, so I wouldn't date them if I–"

"Baby girl, I'm not dating anyone, gay or straight." She rubs my back. "Certainly not while you're here, and when you return to school I'll come–"

"Dropped school," I shake my head, "I'm not going back. Well, at that college anyway. I can finish my degree here."

"But honey, I thought you had your heart set on that school."

Hang my head, and decide I better come clean. "Only went there so I would be far enough away I wouldn't go crazy, and do what I did to you last night."

"Oh," she giggles, "that ship has certainly sailed."

"Yeah," I nod, "then sank. I'm sorry mom, I was going to go crazy either way. Last year was miserable, but knew I would get better in time. Not! This year was even more fucking miserable, pun intended. So, I took a chance."

She pats my hand, then kisses me. "And I'm so happy you did. Wish you would've came to me earlier about this, we could've..." Janice grunts, shrugs then chuckles. "Well, according to the family track record, I guess we would've locked you up for being crazy." She rolls her eyes. "Dad certainly would've for sure, mom would've just set you up with years of shrink sessions, like me."

"You went to a psychiatrist?"

"Five years," she holds up five fingers, "from the day after I found out I was pregnant to the day I turned eighteen, two to three times a week, depending on how much I acted out. Sent me to some weekend retreat, funny farm, which is a bad pun, because they aren't funny or a retreat, not even a damn farm. Might help people who are crazy, but didn't do shit for me, probably made it worse."

"What happened? Was it bad?"

"You mean like, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,' bad?" She giggles and kisses me. "No, it was nothing like that. My therapist basically said, I was emotionally immature, because of my lost childhood, fixated on my rapist, because of my father, ah, rebelling by running with a bad crowd, and even more pooh-pooh, all of it bullshit." She shrugs. "Like Bobby, I was labeled from the beginning, and it made me scared. Only one I could really talk to was Bobby," she grunts, "but that only made things worse."

"Sorry mom." I kiss her, and give her a hug.

"Wasn't true then, but it is now." She shrugs. "Society and people-wise I'm stunted. I still live here, because I'm afraid to leave. I'd still be running the hardware store, but had to deal with too many people, plus I needed the money to pay taxes. Could've got a loan on the house, but why compound your debt? Was going to sell the other properties, but it was easier to dump the store." She wipes away a tear from my eye. "I was the one who talked to Bobby first, I always made new friends. But, after all that I was so scared he was the last friend I made, forever I thought."

I'm crying, and sniffling mom hugs me, rubbing my back. "It's okay, baby girl. That's the past, I think you've helped me a whole lot, things are going to be better."

"Yes, much better." I kiss her, then wipe away my tears. "I'm sorry mom, now I wish I would've done this years ago."

"No, you did the right thing baby girl. More than likely you were too young to make this all work til now. Or I would've screwed it all up. With my luck, I'm sure I still can." She holds my head. "You've turned into a very fine, very smart lovely lady," she gently cups my titties, "as well as an exceptional lover. I'm one very lucky lady, and I couldn't be happier."

"Not in my eyes, I'm by far the luckier one." I smile. "Now, lets get your sexy butt in bed, or those red eyes are going to become permanent. Guess, it's my bed, since the others are a mess."

"Um-m, a single bed, I like." She wiggles her eyebrows. "Are you going to eat me?"

"Yes." I run my finger across her lips. "If you're interested, top drawer of the nightstand is my vibrator collection."

"Really? How many? What kind?"

"A dozen," I shrug, "they vary, such as a three inch mini or bullet, a seven inch rabbit, to a nine–" That's all she needs to hear, and giggling she runs down the hall towards my room. "We don't have to try them all out, you need to pace yourself, you horny little girl."

We try them all, and she really likes the rabbit, but we only enjoy several orgasms before falling asleep with our fingers in each other. A few hours later I wake up with mom eating and fingering me. After two orgasms we force ourselves to get up, clean the house, fix dinner, eat it, clean up and back to bed we go.

That's how it goes the entire weekend and Monday, neither of us even put on a pair of panties. Didn't save us much on laundry, seeing as we wash a load of bedding every day. Late Sunday we finally get smart, pulling everything but the bottom sheet off the beds.

Janice is insatiable, trying all she finds interesting in the books, which is nearly everything. Guess she is making up for all the missed opportunities over the years. I put a trip to the adult toy store on the shopping list, to buy backups of everything, plus more toys. By Monday night I don't expect mom to know how many orgasms she had, but I don't have a clue to how many I had either.

* * *

Tuesday morning I dress mom in her new outfit and send her off to work, she is giving notice, and will work until they can find a replacement. I head off to do the shopping, even stop off and buy my girl three new sets of sexy lingerie.

I barely have everything in the house when mom comes flying through the door. She grabs my arm, pulling me towards the couch. "I'm so happy you're here, I can't go eight hours without you, baby girl. I don't know how I'd ever get by seeing you on weekends if you went to school."

Clothes are flying around the room until I get her sat down on the couch. She has her skirt up and I kiss her sopping wet panties. "Missed me, did you?"

"Oh baby girl, that isn't funny. I almost went crazy, think I might be fired." I look up over her skirt, and she shrugs. "Told them this morning I'd wait til they hired someone to leave, but I was so horny I knew even part-time two weeks would be as much as I could handle. I go tell the big boss, and he hasn't even started to try and find anyone, no ad, no agency calls, nothing, and I know the prick has had no important meetings all day, spent half the day on his putting green out on his balcony. Hell, he just assigns someone else to do it." She lifts her hips up so I can get her panties off. "So baby girl, I went off, cussing a blue streak. I sounded like grandpa Jim watching a Royals game that racked up seven errors." She giggles. "It's kind of a side no one has seen of me before."

"Shocked some people did you?"

"Shocked? Three people ran out of the building, and two of the bigger bible thumpers grabbed their hearts like I done them in for sure." She laughs. "I heard one assistant manager say, 'I went postal, if not this time it will be the next, she's got to go,' so, I think I'm fired."

"Um-m, you want your pussy ate?"

"Yes please, I missed you baby girl."

I get down to business and take care of my girl, before getting back to taking care of putting away the groceries. Janice finds the adult store catalog squealing, "For me?"

"Yes sexy girl, also have two bags in the bedroom for you." I chuckle. "Three, if you count the bag of new toys."

"Um-m," she rubs her crotch and licks her lips, "new toys, you spoil me, baby girl."

"You bet, my horny little cutie." I give her a wink. "One is the latest rabbit, with so many controls it has hundreds of settings–"

"Hundreds?" Her eyes get real big. "Sounds yummy, where is it? Does it come with batteries? Did you pick up more batteries at the store?"

"You're impossible. Yes, I got plenty of batteries. Picked up something new, or I never saw them before, vibrating anal beads and–"

"Really? Vibrating? Where?"

"Calm down, sweetie." I swat her on the butt. "They're on our bed, but we have things needing done around here."

"Right now?" She gives me the big, sad eyes treatment.

"Well..." she adds a bit of pouty lips, and I roll my eyes. "At least let me get the groceries put away. But only an hour, two at the most."

Squealing she jumps up and down, hugging and kissing me before running for the bedroom. Put away the perishables, rest was put on hold, until she can check out the new toys. By the time I get to the bedroom Janice has all her new toys out of the boxes, laid out on the bed. Grinning she pats the bed. "Hurry up baby girl, or I'll start without you."

I wag a finger. "Do that and I'll paddle your bottom." Try to sound stern. "One thing to play with yourself after your chores are all done, but skipping them to–"

"It's only because of my new toys." A big smile creeps across mom's face. "Now, get your bottom up here and show me what these things do."

With both of us giggling half the time I demonstrate them on her, and using the rabbit along with the beads she has a ten minute orgasm, or enough they just collide into each other, because she has two squirts in there. I thought she might hyperventilate and take her toys away.

I massage her and she doesn't complain, just trembles, as her body returns to its natural state. She pulls me down and kisses me. "Thank you, baby girl, you spoil the fuck out of me, pun intended." We laugh and kiss, then she rolls me over on my back. "I want to use the rabbit on you, do you want the beads too? Please, for me."

"Sure sexy."

Giggling she holds up two tubes. "Strawberry, or lilac lube?"

"Hm-m, lilac."

"No, strawberry," mom shakes her head, "lilac probably doesn't taste good."

I didn't know she was interested in treating me to that particular oral pleasure. I stroke her cheek. "Strawberry, sounds good to me, my sexy girl."

This is a first for me, double penetrated in such a manner, and a very enjoyable first it is. There is also a g-spot wand in the bag, which is supposed to aid a woman in squirting. This toy is for me more than my mom, she doesn't need an aid in that department.

I lay there enjoying the build-up to my impending climaxes, thinking I have been home six days and had more sex than my entire life, or at least partner sex. Giggling and clapping mom enjoys my string of orgasms, nearly as much as me, but I only last about five minutes.

My girl snuggles up on my shoulder cooing and kissing me, telling me know how much she loves me, loves being fucked by me, and fucking me. I'm in heaven, so much so, it's three hours before we get around to finishing our chores.

I do not know too much about psychology, but maybe the therapist and mom was right. I could see them diagnosing her problems wrong, they probably never even talked to Bobby, or tried to confirm Janice's story. She is very child-like in a lot of ways, very innocent and naive in so many things, which might be why I love her so much, because most of these traits make her fun to be with.

As for being so painfully shy, it was true I could see the pain in her face when she is put in those situations. It's the reason for her conservative clothes, trying to blend into the background. Probably the reason she chose bookkeeping as a career, so she could be locked up in a nice safe office, not having to deal with people.

I'm very proud mom doesn't blame everyone for her problems, and determined to help her break free of these tendencies.

Right after dinner we're back in the bedroom, playing with the toys. I show my girl all the toys that are supposed to be waterproof, and it's off to the tub to try them out. After all our fun I take my girl in and make love to her.
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-Part 4- Minor Setback

Wednesday morning mom gets a telegram, there is no need to come in to work, she is terminated. She's mad as hell, but happy about getting more 'pussy time,' is how she put it.

And that's about all we do. I talk her in to going shopping Friday, only because we'll stop by the sex shop. First we have to take care of our other chores, including buying her new undies. She can't see any reason to, since she is now naked nearly the whole day now, and definitely all night.

In the store I lean into her, kiss her neck, then nibble her earlobe. "You know how sexy you look in those outfits? You know how hot you get when I put them on you, or take them off?"

"Ugh, that's not fair," she says, loud enough to draw more attention to us, than my antics, which didn't go unnoticed. "Alright, we can buy a few, but I'm buying you new undies too."

"Mo– I mean, Janice, you know I don't wear these things."

"Not here." She gives me a stern look, finally realizing everyone is watching us. I can see the fear in her eyes, and she takes a deep breath. "I planned on a different store."

Just nod, hoping everyone will go back to shopping. She gets into buying very sexy outfits, the last being crotchless panties with matching open cup bra. As for me, she takes me to a men's store, buying me a variety of silk underwear. She also gets me some hipster boy shorts, which aren't too girlie looking, and I love the fit.

We both want to go home and fuck, but need to stop at the sex shop. Mom is going wild picking out toys, and has to go get a second basket. She gives me a hip bump, then kisses me. "I need you to build shelves in my old closet, so we have somewhere decent to store our collection." She grabs my butt and pulls me into her, kissing me. "You think our ceiling is high enough and strong enough for one of the swings? God, I'd love to have you take me that way, baby girl." She giggles, and adds a bit louder, "Course, as hard as you fuck me, we might collapse the ceiling."

"It's easy to reinforce your ceiling," the counter lady says, getting mom to blush. "Instructions are in the kits, and you can get the lumber anywhere. It can be below the ceiling level, which is easier, or up in the attic." She points at the more elaborate model. "Those units have been tested to hold six hundred pounds. I'm sure you lovely ladies will have plenty of fun with that one. The smaller one is fine for those who aren't too sexually active, but one look at you two I'd give it a month before it breaks."

I snort, and give a head bob Janice's way. "More like a week."

Mom gets red, and swats me. "Stop that, you're the one who does it to me."

The salesclerk sighs. "You're so lucky."

"Oh yes I am, I am indeed." Mom smiles and giggles. 'We'll take the ultra swing, and one of everything else." I'm not sure she is joking, but she adds, "Not now, but eventually."

"Well," the clerk shifts her eyes to the corner, "the love cube, platform, or ramp is a marvelous alternative to your bed, add the wedge and you can't believe the comfort you're able to maintain in various positions, especially during your climaxes."

"One of each." Mom fans herself. "Now maybe I won't fall over when she gives me one of her specials while I'm on all fours."

The salesclerk puts a hand over her heart. "As I said, very lucky indeed. You make a marvelous couple, and I know you'll enjoy these items for a long time."

"Thank you," mom puts her arm around my waist, "I'm sure we will."

We get to the car and mom says, "My we got some good deals. That was kind of fun, knowing others know about us. She has good hearing."

I roll my eyes, and shake my head. "No one will be able to call you a closet lesbian." She wrinkles her nose, and I pat her arm. "Mom, you're loud, especially when excited." She opens her mouth, and I nod. "Yes, you are. Which is fine, but in our situation we have to be a bit more–"

"Low-key, I know baby girl." Mom slides up beside me and kisses me. "Can't help it, I've never felt this way before, certainly never acted this way. I might've been in love, but everything got so screwed up, and I could never express it. This time I know I'm in love, and can express it freely." She kisses me and feels my pussy up. "I'll try harder, and will get the hang of this gay thing soon."

"It's okay, mom." She doesn't move. "Mom, scoot back over, I can't drive home with us looking like a pair of high school lovers."

"Sorry," she kisses me, "maybe we can get the windows tinted, like those limos." She nestles her nose in my hair. "I love the way you smell, it gets me wet."

"And I'll take care of you at home, sexy lady." I give her a quick peck on the cheek. "But, we have to get home first, cutie."

She slides half way back towards the passenger seat, but keeps her hand on my thigh. "Am I too clingy? I don't want to be like a stalker, or–"

"Cutie, quit worrying so much." I pat her hand that is on my thigh. "You might be a touch needy, but who could blame you, and after over ten years of pining for you I'm not about to complain." Giggling she slides up next to me and kisses me. "Sweetheart, if you don't behave I'm going to spank you."

She squeals, "Really?"

We get home and it's all I can do to make her bring a second armload into the house, after she brings in the ramp. I smack her on the butt as she is tearing open the plastic. "Go get the wedge and a bag, then you can come in here and get ready to break in your new goodies. I'll get the rest of the packages in, then I'll eat you."

"After my spanking, right?" She grins. "And we can try out some toys, right?"

"Yes, to both."

By the time I get everything in she is ready to be ate, giggling at how it feels to be at such an angle. She hasn't moved a single thing into the kitchen, her clothes are scattered about the room, ramp in the middle of the entry into the dining room, so I can't even get my bags to the table.

I sit on the couch, then pat my thigh. "You're forgetting something? Get your cute butt over here, you horny little monkey. Next time, you stay in your clothes–"

"I'll get dressed." She scrambles off the ramp, scurrying about for her clothes. "Oh god, you're really going to spank me?"

"Have to do something. My girl, is going to have to learn to be careful." I pat my thigh. "Come on, lay down on my lap." She does as told and I rub her back. "You know this is important, right?"

She nods and I rub her bottom with the other hand. My girl is squirming around, making little cooing sounds. I go down her legs, past her dress, then start back up her legs, pushing her dress up. "My horny little monkey likes this, bet her pretty little pussy is soaked."

"Uh-huh, already was. I'll do better, I don't want spanked." Her dress is all the way up, bottom fully exposed, and I massage her panty covered butt cheeks. "Oh, you feel so good. I'll do anything you say, baby girl, anything–"

"Yes you will, but you're still going to get a spanking." Her whole panty crotch is wet, and I pull her panties down. "Would rather be using my tongue on this sexy bottom, and I will later, but now I've got to spank you." I slip a finger in her pussy and she wiggles around.

Pull my finger out and catch her off guard with the first swat, getting her to yip. I rub her bottom. "We need to be very careful out in public." Whack, she gets her second on the other cheek. "Have to get our chores done too." I give her two quick swats on the lower half of her butt cheeks. My girl is really squirming and she's wet my pant leg. I give her two more swats.

Mom sobs, "I'll get everything put away, we don't have to do anything til tonight. I love you, baby girl, I just want to make you happy."

I take her panties completely off. "Stand up, cutie." She does as told. "Bend over and pull your dress up." Again without questioning she does as told, bracing herself for another swat.

Instead I lick her, getting a little yip and jump, but she quickly backs into me cooing, "Oh god yes, baby girl, you spoil me."

"I love you, sexy lady, but you must behave." Wanting my tongue she is wiggling all around. I grab the back of her balled up dress, pulling her into my mouth, as two fingers of my other hand slip in her pussy.

She cums almost immediately, screaming about how good it feels, then panting and mumbling nonsense. I rub her bottom until her breathing returns to normal. She turns and gives me a kiss. "Thank you, it was so wonderful, I'll go put everything away, baby girl."

Still have her by the back of the dress. "No, get your clothes off, and lie down on the ramp I want some of your sweet little pussy. But, I want you doing as told, got it?"

"Always, whatever you want, lover." Giggling she peels off her dress and lies down. Right off I like the ramp, we're at perfect levels, giving me great access to her pussy, and with first contact Janice loves it. Within five minutes she is enjoying her second orgasm, then I pick up her legs and her rosebud is easily exposed. I give her two more orgasms and she starts eyeing the toys. She doesn't get to try more than a handful before it's time to fix dinner.

Let her rest up a few minutes then give her a hand getting up. She kisses me and sighs. "That was good, so intense, a real keeper."

"Yes," I chuckle, "and you might take a little time to look at all the possible positions the manual shows." I cup her pussy. "Can't wait to get my dick in you, bet you go off like a rocket."

"Um-m, do we really need to eat?"

I smack her on the butt, and we go in to cook dinner. After we eat we get through a third of the toys, most on the ramp, before falling asleep. I was right, her orgasms are more frequent and more intense.

Wake up with my lovely girl snuggled up next to me. It's Saturday morning, have been home ten days and it's like we've been on our honeymoon. Smiling I lay there watching her sleeping, looking so content. I'm happy she seems to be coming out of her shell in public. A little afraid it might be what gets us caught, but happy it's happening.

Knew what I had to do this morning, install her swing or mom is going to drive me nuts. She wanted to do it last night, but couldn't stop playing with her new toys. Besides, I insisted we had to do the reinforcing method, so have to wait for a lumberyard to be open.

I kiss her, causing her to shift a bit, stretch and yawn. I take a nipple in my mouth. Janice runs her hands through my hair. "Honey, don't start something you can't finish, but I'm more than happy to do you for a change." I wrinkle my nose, and she gives me a playful shrug. "Started my period last night, sorry. Guess, it's nature's way of telling me to slow down."

"Bound to happen sooner or later, no big deal." I slip my hand down and cup her pussy, feel her tampon string, then I kiss her. "Nature is wrong, you want ate with your tampon in or out?"

"Oh Jamie, not a chance. That's just too naughty, nasty even." She shakes her head, almost violently. "Unh-unh, no way could I get close to being relaxed and comfortable with either of those options, or any other for that matter. Still, more than happy to do you."

"Yes, but only after you try this." Before she can object, I kiss her and giggle. "Felt the same way, until a girlfriend did me, hands down, it was the best I ever had. God, I love it now."

"Well, maybe fingering, and your dick, or one of the new toys," she sighs, "but, I mean it, nothing oral, sweetheart."

She is already starting to pant from my petting. I lick each of her obviously sensitive nipples. "You're such a horny little thing. So, tampon in or out? It's better out, and you're going to get that marvelous pussy ate."

"Um-m, feels good, but–"

"Remember, I told you once or twice every day, meant it, my sexy girl." Smiling I tug at my ear. "You recall the conversation ending with, 'always, whatever you want, lover' we had recently? Well, this is what I want."

Her hips are rising as my thumb brushes her clit, and she begins to hump my hand. "Out."

"That's my good girl." Still working over her pussy I kiss her, then nibble her ear. "After your climax, go take out your tampon, grab a towel and hustle your cute little butt back here." She purrs in my ear, then I kiss her. "You're getting excited and want ate, don't you?"

"Yes." She is breathing heavy and steadily humping my hand. I take a nipple in my mouth, and soon have her enjoying an orgasm.

Let her calm down a bit, then I kiss her. "Come on baby, I want some pussy." Giggling she gets up, and I swat her on the butt. "Bring back a wet washcloth, but don't worry about a fresh tampon, your sweet pussy is going to be ate all day. We have a lot of toys to take a second or third spin on, pun intended for most of them."

She runs in and runs out of the bathroom before I even get my dick on. By the time I get on the bed, washcloth is on the nightstand, Janice laying on the towel, legs spread wide and sporting a big grin. "Ready for you, honey."

I chuckle and shake my head. "Like I said, 'you're a horny little thing.' And I love it." Give her a long passionate kiss. "Also love the fact you're my horny little girl."

"Yes, I am. Please, eat my pussy."

Can't help myself and decide to take my time kissing my way to her pussy. Within two minutes Janice has me by the shoulders, trying to hurry me along the way. After five minutes she has my head in a death grip, asking me to eat her pussy. Ten minutes and I'm just at the top of her pubic hair and she's squirming so bad, trying to get me those last few inches.

Almost whimpering Janice begs, "Baby girl, my pussy is on fire, please eat me. I'm so horny, I need it, baby." I slide straight down to the middle of her pussy, sticking my tongue deep in to her. "Oh shit, that's it, my love, eat my pussy. Oh god, you make me so hot. I love you, lover."

Her climax begins and I move up to her clit, slipping two fingers in her pussy, prolonging and intensifying her orgasm, getting a pair of little squirts out of her. Go back to eating her pussy and keep at it until Janice hands me the washcloth groaning, "They're too intense, five is enough."

Wash my face off, then I slide up her sweat covered body. "You like that lover girl? So, next time, no oral?"

"Hell yes, I loved it. Hell no, you can lick my pussy anytime." She kisses me, and starts crying. "You give me so much more than I give you. Baby girl, I can't believe I'm so ignorant about sex, and what my daughter has brought out in me. Thank you, darling."

Raise up off of her and take a nipple into my mouth, then slip my rubber dickhead in her pussy. I kiss her, then nibble at the tip of her nose. "I'm going to give you a nice light fuck, you sexy girl." Sliding my dick halfway in I kiss her longer, more sensual. "Mom, believe it or not, if we are referring to different positions or techniques, I don't have that much experience. In fact, not as much as I've already had with you." I kiss her. "It's just with you everything is so natural, so right, and you give me so much pleasure." She is breathing heavy when I stick my dick all the way in her. "Half the time I climax with your orgasms, from your sensuality and pure sexiness."

Rolling my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers mom kisses me. "Baby girl, I've never even read or heard about such passion as you have, and give me. God, you make me feel so good, and I never want it to end. I don't care what else happens I just want you."

I stop with me deep in her and raise up. "Really? Then let's move, lets not even take the chance of getting caught and having this ruined. I mean, a clean slate, sell everything and start over, with you as my wife." I kiss her. "Out in the open, sexy lady, where I can show you off, hold your hand while taking walks, kiss you at the restaurant."

"Honey, that's crazy, two ladies doing such will just get folks asking questions, and eventually they will find the answers. Risky enough in the adult store, just thought no one would care, but that isn't true, and I liked being naughty." She kisses me, and shakes her head. "Moving to another part of the city isn't going to change that."

"Not if it wasn't in this city."

She laughs. "Baby girl, the whole mid-west is like this. You can't–"

"Mom," I cut her off with a kiss, "I'm talking California, somewhere on the coast, big town or little, is fine. I'd love to fuck you on the beach, or make love to you while the sun is setting." I lick her nipples, giving her a couple of small strokes. "Maybe we could get a studio with an apartment above and start a gallery. You could sale your paintings and me my sculptures, maybe photos."

"Don't know if we could ever sell any of my pictures for a profit." She giggles. "But, I'd like being fucked and made love to on the beach, or in the mountains, or even the desert." She sighs, and takes a deep breath. "Baby girl, are you sure you want to take such a big step with me? Maybe you should be thinking about finding some lovely girl your age. I mean, what about twenty years from now, you'll have my sex drive, and I might not–"

"Stop it mom, you're not even fourteen years older than me." I give her a couple of pumps. "And as good of shape as you're in, I'll be fucking you more than enough to keep me happy. You're my lovely girl, nothing can change that." I kiss her neck and up to just below her ear. "Come with me, and we'll start a family. You're my soulmate, please be my wife."

"You've picked a bizarre time to hold this conversation."

I laugh, and nibble her earlobe. "Not really, I was hoping to sway you while you're in a state of sheer bliss. Happened before, is it working again, lover?"

"Oh definitely. I've never been happier, even during the best of times with your dad, because I knew it would never last. My father would see to that." Between gasps she takes a couple of deep breaths. "I'm getting close baby doll, I'll probably loose my train of thought when you give me one of your leg shakers. You sure you want me to be your wife?"

"Yes, yes, yes, silly girl!" Holding her head I kiss her. "Pearls are traditional wedding jewelry, and that is what your set represented, my marriage and undying love to you. I love you, cutie, and would consider myself very lucky if you'd be my wife." I run my tongue across her nipples.

Holding my head to her titties she rocks back and forth, moaning, "So good, just feels great. I'd like three kids, two girls and a boy."

"Fine, sweetheart, you carry one, I'll carry two. Remember that boy I used to hang out with as a kid, Jimmy, bet I can get him to father our babies. It'll be perfect, trust me, beautiful."

"Argh, not as close now." Janice nods. "Alright, let's do it, baby girl. When?"

"Start of the new decade would be perfect, poetic even, and with six and a half months should give us enough time to do this right. We have to liquidate everything, close our accounts, my trust included." I kiss her. "What do you say, cutie?"

"I say if my beautiful husband doesn't get back to fucking his new wife properly I might call the arrangement off." I pick up my stroke, and she kisses me. "Jamie, I'll do whatever you want to do. I want this for the rest of my life. I want to be your wife, and mother to our children." She pinches my nipples. "Now, will you get back to seriously fucking me."

For giving me such a hard time her light fuck turns into a medium fuck, and I soon have her howling at the ceiling. I pull out and let her catch her breath while putting on the ten inch dildo, then get back in the missionary position, kissing her while filling her pussy with my dick.

She is moaning and groaning, wiggling her butt, as I give her nice long strokes. Immediately she starts panting, telling me how good it feels, how hot I am, and our life is going to be wonderful. After her next orgasm I slow to the occasional one inch stroke, thinking about how much life her father had cheated her out of.

My grandfather always treated me well, as did grandmother. But my poor mother, she didn't stand much of a chance, conform to his will, if she wanted to survive. I give her another nice orgasm, kiss her, then sit at her side and start gently cleaning her up.

"Was fantastic as always, baby girl." Still breathing a bit heavy mom massages my titties. "Honey, I must be a mess, lets go take a shower."

"We will, but first sexy lady, I'm going to eat your pussy and really fuck you." I lightly caress her pussy, sending a shiver through her body. Smiling I bend over and with my tongue trace circles around each nipple. "Being as you're much more relaxed you'll enjoy it ten times as much, might even coax a squirt or two out of you."

Arching her back she doesn't protest. "I'd like that. Can we use the ramp?"

"Yes, and I suppose my horny little monkey wants to try her new toys?"

"Um-m, that sounds like I'm getting spoiled again." She pulls me down and kisses me. "I don't need spoiled again, I just need you, baby girl."

"You'll always have me," I grin, "and I'll always spoil you."

She wiggles her bottom. "Even after you spank me?"

Cup her titty and kiss her. "Especially after I spank your cute bottom." I slip my hand down between her legs, barely brushing against her. "What do you want, sexy?"

"Um-m, I want that magnificent tongue of yours buried deep in me, to get me warmed up for that big cock of yours." She thrust upward trying to get more contact from my hand, but stops as soon as I lower my head. "Oh yes, eat my pussy, naughty girl."

Doesn't take long and she's howling, telling me how nasty I am, how good it feels, and she wants it done constantly. She gets hold of my head, pulling me tight into her pussy screaming she loves my long tongue.

I give her a breather while putting on my monster, then the orgasms kept coming. She finally waves me off, and I pull out. Take off my dick, then can't help myself and snap off a few pictures. By the second flash Janice realizes what is going on and bolts upright. "Oh no, stop that right now, you little stinker. I want those destroyed."

She paws at the camera, and I hold it just out of her reach. "Behave sexy girl, you look cute as all hell, and it's so we can remember your first time–"

"I'm going to get you back, baby girl. Can't believe you'd–"

"What?" Chuckling I kiss her. "You love being kinky, but don't want anyone knowing about it." Sobbing she hugs me, and I rub her back. "Sweetie, it's alright I won't develop them."

"Not that," she whimpers, "I don't want to look gross to you. I don't want you leaving cause–"

"Oh sexy girl, I'd never think you were gross. I just want to remember everything about you." She slides up and wraps her arms around my neck. I rub her back and give her a kiss. "I'd never hurt you, cutie, and I'll never leave you. Lets get you cleaned up and take a run to the jewelry store, after a trip to the lumberyard."


"To get the wood for your shelves and to reinforce your swing, cutie."

"No, silly," she smacks me on the chest, "the jewelers, why the jewelers?"

"Now, who is the silly one?" She scrunches up her face, and I kiss the tip of her nose. "What kind of husband would I be if I didn't get my wife a decent wedding ring?"

"Really?" She lightly beats on my shoulders. "I'd love a ring, baby girl. Um-m, what kind do you think I should get?"

"Hm-m," I brush the hair off her face, "I love your eyes, and get lost in them. So, I'm thinking emerald and diamonds, yellow gold, say an antique setting."

"Um-m, I like the sounds of that." Janice jumps off the bed, and tugs at my arm. "Come on, give me a bath, baby girl, and lets get going. I absolutely love being spoiled." She leaps into my arms. "You can take all the gross and nasty pictures of me you want to, baby girl."

"Honey," I kiss her deeply, "won't ever do anything you don't like."

Give my girl a bath, then get her dressed and take her out for brunch. We sit in a corner booth, mom slides over and sits close to me.

As we eat mom asks, "So, you still want to sell everything, and move?"

"Yep, start fresh. We'll need to put it in bearer bonds or something that can't be traced. Just can't move it from bank to bank."

She giggles. "You make it sound so mysterious, so naughty. Who will come looking for us?"

"It's not people from here looking for us I'm worried about." I shake my head. "It's those looking in to our past wherever we go. Good thing dad insisted I have his last name, it'll help a lot. Probably worrying over nothing, but better to be cautious."

"Um-huh, a trait you inherited from me, worrying." She pats my back. "I think you're going a bit overboard, but okay, baby girl. It's a buyer's market in real estate, especially rental property."

"How much will we lose?"

"Lose?" Janice wags a piece of toast at me. "Nothing, mom paid off all them with dad's life insurance, she didn't want to worry about it, which is where I got that trait. Probably what helped do her in, worrying about him exploding at the drop of a hat all those years, then he was gone." She sighs. "Well, she sold one, we only have three to deal with, and the house, so four. All totaled they might be worth four hundred thousand, but we'll be lucky to get three-fifty. If we wait for a seller's market we could get four-fifty."

"Your money mom, we should do what you think is best."

She hugs and kisses me. "It's our money, baby girl. I don't want to worry about anything but you, we sell it. Stock market was getting too flaky so I put everything in long-term cds, which most will be matured by then. Add my other accounts and we're talking another four hundred thousand. Nice money here, but California real estate, we might be better off in an apartment."

Shaking my head I roll my eyes. "I'm going to tape you tonight. We can't live in an apartment, remember, low-key? Won't work if you're always hitting high 'C' every night."

"Most mornings too." Mom grins. "If my baby girl is doing her job right." She giggles and kisses me. "Which you do splendidly." She shrugs. "Other option is concentrating in the north, where property is far cheaper."

"Don't care really," I wrinkle my nose, "but would prefer to stay out of the bigger cities."

She sighs. "You really think we will be able to sit together in California? Not that I want to have you fuck me in public, but I'd like our romantic outings to be romantic."

I hold her hand. "Not sure, sexy lady." I kiss her hand. "But, it can't be any worse than here."

"Alright, since that is settled," she takes a deep breath, "lets go get some lumber, we've got some work to do. Which you should've done yesterday, but–"

"You horny little thing." I giggle. "You're so bad, blaming me. It was you who wouldn't let me get out of bed."

We do not spend much time in the lumberyard, mom doesn't care what her shelves are made of, and seeing as I have my truck we buy full-length boards instead of having them cut. The jeweler's doesn't take too long either, seeing as she spots the perfect set right off. It is just like I suggested, a bit more ornate than I imagined and slightly larger stones, with a higher price tag. Still, it makes my girl happy, so I buy them.

We get a lady salesclerk, Marilyn, who takes mom's ring size, then grins. "Do you know the groom's ring size? Or he can come in any time."

"Don't know the size," I stick out my hand, "but we can take care of it now."

Marilyn breaks into a big smile. "Um-m, how sexy. Would you like a pair of the ladies' rings?"

"No, the set is fine," I smile, "perfect for the wife and me."

"Oh yes," Marilyn sighs, "very sexy, a gorgeous couple."

As we're leaving mom shakes her head. "Good thing not a lot of people in town know us, isn't it?" Snuggling up to me she giggles. "Marilyn was right, we make a gorgeous couple, or at least I feel that way when I'm with you, baby girl."

"Me too." I give her a kiss. "We have to get out of here before we get caught."

By eleven I have the swing up and mom breaking it in. She loves it and concedes, she gets a tad loud during good sex, and her new toys give her great sex. After a bit of adjusting I get the swing set perfect, and I'm able to stand while fucking my girl. Talk about getting good leverage, and it's near impossible to get in an uncomfortable position while eating pussy.

Swing is such a big hit we don't get around to giving all our new toys a second test drive. After dinner, it's my turn in the swing and I find it quite enjoyable too, a definite keeper.
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Part 5: The Arrangement

It's Monday morning and I call Jimmy Bates, he's a realtor, married, has a son, a daughter and one on the way. So, I didn't have to ask about a fertility problem, or make up a phony excuse to see him. I just set-up a business lunch date, then jot down the three addresses, and information mom knew about the properties.

I meet Jimmy and he looks almost exactly like he did when I saw him last, four years ago. When we were little kids he was the biggest for his age, but he stopped growing three or four years before the rest of us did, and I thought he would always get another spurt, but he didn't. He hugs me and holds my chair out for me.

Ask if he has pictures of his family, and he happily shows them to me. Jimmy is five-seven, lean, decent looking, like me heavily freckled with hazel eyes, but he has red hair. His wife is a brunette, which might be dyed, and his babies have red hair, but their mother's darker complexion. Kids are cute and I try to picture mine with him being the father. I could see the resemblance they had of their father, and those of their mother, trying to adjust my features to the pictures in my mind.

After a bit of small talk he asks, "What can I do for you?"

Tell him I'm moving, wish to sell the properties and if his company wants to handle the listings. He laughs correcting me, "I'm a little monkey in the company zoo, it's my in-law's business, but I'd be more than happy to list them. Where are you moving to?" He grins, looking at my ring finger. "Are you getting married, or something, soon?"

I hem and haw, getting him to apologize and get all red-faced. Feel so bad I tell him my rough plans, and he listens intently. He waits for our waiter to give us our meal then leans closer. "Wasn't trying to pry, Jamie I swear, just the way everything is set-up I can punch in what you're looking for in the computer and get you some listings."

Tell him what we're doing, and what we're after. He holds up a finger. "I'm not trying to be rude, but the more I know the better I can help you. When you say partner, it isn't business wise?"

"It is, but I'm gay too."

He grins and nods. "Makes me feel a little better." I wrinkle my nose, and he laughs. "We were young, but I had such a serious crush on you, and I knew you liked me, but never quite the way I wanted." He holds up his hands. "Not that there is anything wrong with your preferences, it's just... Well, this is funny in a way, see I bought every pick-up book I could find and read them faithfully, but nothing worked. Took me two years to ask anyone else out after I gave up on you."

He laughs, then waves his hand back and forth. "Sorry, it certainly isn't funny to you, and you probably had a rough time trying to figure it all out. It's good to see you, and I'll help you with anything I can."

"Now that you mention it, Jimmy," I smile, "Jan, my partner, and I have another minor little problem. We'd like to have babies," his eyes get big, and his beer goes down the wrong way, "and we could use a donor."

"Ah, Jamie," he wipes off his chin, "we're talking sperm here, right?"

"Yes, but that would be where it ends. No support or anything, if you wish to stay in contact that would be fine. If you want no contact, that's fine too."

"Wow, ah, wow."

We sit there a bit, not saying anything. "Is that a good wow, Jimmy, or a bad wow?" I motion to our waiter for two more beers. "It'll be all up front, and we could talk to your wife–"

"No, can't do that," Jimmy nearly shouts, then calms down. "Sorry, she just knows about you being my best friend, and thinks there was more. Plus I have my in-laws to worry about, they think everyone is out to get them. They'd have a shit fit over other potential heirs to the family business. Ah, for now it was just a wow, a big wow."

"Understand, not a problem, and don't worry, listings are still yours. Now, lets enjoy this fine meal, and let you think about it some. So how is the real estate business doing? You think we should hold off selling?"

"Whew, loaded question Jamie," Jimmy shrugs, "we have decent areas around town, at this time more bad, but there are some good, and it depends on the property. Naturally, for me to make a commission I'd have to tell you to sell, so I'm more than a tad biased." He sips at his beer. "Still, I don't see any real sharp upswing appearing in the next five years. Your grandpa's property, folks around there have been quartering those lots, and doing pretty good. I know a few contractors who might be interested."

"Great, at least I get a little good news."

Poor Jimmy is so shook up he can't eat, but he doesn't have a problem with the beer. I order him another. He looks at me and sighs. "You know you were my dream girl?" Before I can reply he adds, "Alright, I'll do it. So, what do we do, have clinical sex?"

"Actually, we were just going to inject the sperm with a baste–"

"Doesn't work," he shakes his head, "one of those urban myths. If you want to try, fine by me, but I don't want to be jacking off for–" Jimmy put a finger to his lips. "Sorry, that was crude. You can have it done at a clinic, I could donate there and–"

"No, that's not an option. There has to be another way."

Chuckling he raises his beer. "There's the old-fashioned way, it works pretty good."

Sipping on my beer I weigh my options, no matter who we choose this is going to be a problem. "So, for the sake of argument, you would be alright with it? I mean, the old-fashion way."

"Jamie, I told you, you're my dream girl. Yes, I'd be okay with it, and would keep it as professional as possible." He snorts. "Course, I don't know the exact etiquette, do you try to achieve an orgasm, or just contraception."

I wrinkle my nose. "My thinking would be, try to make it pleasurable, so you would be in a more conducive state. Light kissing, breasts are in, heavy kissing, bottom and clit are out." Jimmy nods, and I hold up two fingers. "Other problems, one I don't shave, two my partner wants to be there at conception, means a lot to her."

"Wow, ah, wow." He scratches his head, and closes one eye. "So, are we talking you don't do the new Brazilian cut some girls do?"

"No, I'm talking I don't own a razor." I giggle. "I'm not bigfoot, but if you're curious take a peek under the table."

He drops his fork, then looks under the table. "Can I feel?"


"Well, that's not bad, light color and soft. I don't see–"

"Jimmy, can we please carry on the conversation above the table?"

"Oh, sorry, Jamie." He snickers, and I think he's got a buzz on. "Kinda saying that in bunches, this just threw me a bit. So, is your partner... ah, well, going to be trouble? I mean–"

"Jan is quite nice, just everyday people, I'm the dyke."

"Oh, you are? Really!" Jimmy turns a bit red. "Well, ah, I guess..."

"Not to worry I'm not a bull dyke, but in my circles I would be the dyke."

"You look great, Jamie." He snickers. "Not that I could tell you what a bull dyke, or regular dyke looks like. How are we doing on time, concerning the event?"

"Last period started two weeks ago, I'm fairly regular, so–" He winces, and I realize this is more information than he needs or wants. "Well, I'm going to get an ovulating monitor after we're through with our lunch date. How did you and your wife go about it?"

"One more sorry." Jimmy puckers up his face. "First was an accident, other two were planned. However, all I know is, I get a call on my cell and the wife tells me she's in season, I haul ass home. After making my deposit I hold my wife's legs up to let it percolate or something. Sorry, but like most males I'm just the sperm donor. How about where this happens?"

I laugh, and pat his hand. "So, this is like two guys trying to make a baby." Jimmy makes a sour face at that notion, and I shrug. "Anyway, I think it's the week before your period is the more fertile time, or week after. I'll get it all figured out, then give you a call, and I'm living back at home, so I was thinking there. Assuming you are still interested, and Jan isn't a problem?"

"Definitely, I think I can handle the deed. As for Jan, I'm not sure how I'll react with an audience, but will give it a try." He gives me his cell phone number, and we say good-by.

I go to take care of my other chores wondering if this is a stupid thing to do. Chances are I would've passed on the whole thing, except for Jimmy calling me his dream girl. I knew how that felt, although he was going to be disappointed with this encounter.

Get home and give Jan the good news and bad, while she is in the swing. She takes it all well, but she's in the swing, running her feet up my sides. I'm massaging her feet. "So, another thing to work on, let's shorten your name to Jan, Janice stands out."

"Alright, baby girl, Jan it is. You look a bit frazzled, maybe we should switch places."

"No mom–"

"That's Jan," she corrects me. "You're doing great, baby girl." She pins me between her feet and drags me close enough to get her hands on me and pulls me into her. "You really need to take your mind off of this, swap with me."

I massage her titties and stomach. "So, you okay with all this?"

"Well, I'm a tad jealous, he gets to give you full penetration, which I haven't yet enjoyed." She kisses me. "But I would like to, other than that, yes I'm fine. You decide baby girl, I'm your wife, and will stand beside you no matter what."

"I love you, my sexy girl." I kiss her. "About the other thing, okay, but I'll need to buy a small dildo, I've little experience being on the other side of strap-ons." I rub the crotch of her panties. "Sweetie, how about I get your wet panties off and eat you?"

"Thought I was supposed to be calming you down."

"Yes you are." I've got my hand under her panties. "You know nothing calms me down better than your pussy." I kiss her. "Throw in your rabbit, if I can find it."

"Right up on the dresser, next to the clit gel. I'll need a towel and washcloth, please."

"How did that toy washer do?"

"Seems to clean them up nicely."

I give her belly a kiss, then each nipple and finally her lips. "I'll be right back beautiful, I love you, cutie."

"Um-m, baby girl I love you, and not just because you spoil me rotten."

With help from her toys I give her two nice orgasms, then we need to see about this ovulation thing. Mom found an ovulation calendar on the Internet, and plugs in the dates while I take the pee test. She hollers, "Ah, baby girl, according to this you're prime chance is tonight and tomorrow, after that you have to wait til your next period."

"Great, stick says I'm ovulating too." I sigh. "Jimmy was on call for his wife, so he is used to this, but I don't know if he'll come."

She socks me. "Oops, missed one, 'if he'll come.' What? It's punny." I roll my eyes, then mom rubs my back. "Sorry. A little nervous, honey?"

"Oh yeah, a whole lot." I take a deep breath. "Better now, then dwelling on it for two weeks, or however long. I'll call Jimmy, and hope for the best."

He answers and agrees to come over at seven, assuring me it's no trouble. I'm a nervous wreck, can't eat dinner, and mom massages my shoulders. "Let's go shower up and get ready, baby girl."

Sleepwalk through my shower and mom getting me dressed, then sit on the couch watching the clock. Mom gives me a glass of a wine, and massages my arms and legs. "It's alright baby girl, if you can't do this. We could–"

"I can do it, just sinking in is all." I take a drink, and chuckling nervously smile. "It sounded so easy, and it has to be done. No big deal, it's just a little sex, right?"

Mom pats my leg. "Yes, just a little sex. He can't possibly be bigger than your toys."

Hanging my head I sigh. "But, I've never had sex with a man."


"Not full sex." I shrug. "I couldn't ever get past the bad kissing and pawing." Dab at my forehead, thinking I'm sweating like a pig. "I can just close my eyes, and pretend it's you."

"Sure baby girl." She kisses me, and gently strokes my cheek. "Honey, he was a good friend, and sounds like he still is, I'm sure he will be gentle. We can talk to him about–"

"Oh mom, I don't know if–"

A knock on the door interrupts me. I jump up, go to the door, wipe my sweaty palms on my pants, then open the door. "Jimmy come in, this is my wife, Jan."

"Nice to meet you." Jimmy hands me a bouquet of daisies. "Jamie, thought you might be a bit nervous." He hands Jan a bouquet. "Had no idea what you might like Jan, but daisies used to be Jamie's favorite."

"Still are," I pipe up, "thanks."

"Yes, thank you, they're very nice." Mom smells the flowers. "Would you care for a drink Jimmy? You look a tad nervous."

"With good reason," he grins, "I'm totally nervous. Beer or wine will be fine, just one to calm me down a bit. Was going to have one or two before coming here, but figured I wouldn't be able to stop, and don't need to be drunk."

I giggle. "God Jimmy, I'm glad I'm not the only one."

Mom brings us in drinks and Jimmy smiles. "Thank you, Jan. Do either of you know where Guadalupe, California is?"

Jan giggles. "Guadalupe, isn't that somewhere in Mexico?"

"That is one, but this one is in California, Santa Barbara County, in the northwestern corner to be exact." Jimmy laughs, pulls an envelop out of his jacket pocket and hands me it. "A tourist spot, which happens to have an old warehouse for sale. Eighty feet by one-twenty, two thirds has a second floor, and roof is for parking."

Scratching behind her ear Jan wrinkles her nose. "Sounds small, I mean the city."

"A tad over five thousand people, an agricultural town, majority Hispanic." Jimmy shrugs. "But Santa Maria, with over fifty thousand people is ten miles away. Coast highway runs through the town, it is south of a river, and Pacific Ocean is west."

I smile. "Sounds inexpensive."

"Wouldn't call it cheap," Jimmy raises a finger, "but at three hundred thousand, asking price is not bad. Might get it for two hundred thousand. Almost ten thousand square feet downstairs, over six upstairs, lets you have studio, office and housing upstairs, gallery downstairs."

Mom looks over at me and nods, as I'm tapping my lower lip. "Does sound interesting, what would be our next step?"

"Well, could go take a look at it," Jimmy gives us a wink, "but smarter thing would be get a rough idea of what you want to do with it and work up some costs. As you can see from the pictures, it's pretty wide open, and everything will have to be built. Costs will be determined by what you're after, but you can figure two or three hundred thousand, easy."

"Looks like an old agricultural building." I hold up one of the pictures. "So, we keep it the same for the gallery, very rustic. No fancy lighting or flooring."

Jimmy hunches his shoulders. "Definite money saver."

Jan nods. "I like it, and we don't need much fancy in our house, office will be fine rustic, might cut those building costs to around two hundred thousand."

I chuckle. "Except probably want a roomy tub and shower, at least for the master suite."

"Um-m, yeah." Jan has a dreamy look in her eyes. "Exercise room, sauna and hot tub sound nice. Don't see any yard, so maybe a patio up on the roof, like the big city. I guess we are back up near the three hundred thousand price range."

"Alright, now we work it over." Jimmy clasps his hands together. "So, we're looking at six, throw in all the permits, engineering, architectural drawings and little things that crop up, say another two hundred thousand. Don't forget furnishings, and we're somewhere in the seven to nine hundred thousand dollar range. This type of project banks will most likely want half paid in cash. On the other hand, once complete, building should be worth well over a million dollars. We still talking this being doable?"

"Yes, financially stretches us some." Jan nods, "But, it's doable."

"Alright," Jimmy smiles, "let me talk to the seller. If you can sketch out what you might want on those plans, we can get some figures. Next up, would be to take a trip out there to see if you're interested in living in Guadalupe."

"Any other good news?" I sigh. "Or do we talk about the other?"

"This wasn't the only piece of property, but the best buy." He shakes his head. "Others for that kind of money, lucky to get half the square footage. And the one's with the footage cost three times as much. Still, have plenty of time to find something, and appraiser is going to look at your properties in the morning. So, I guess we're back to talking about the other."

I snicker. "Yes, it all leads back to that. Guess there is no way to do this modestly."

Jimmy chuckles. "If you want we can just do it through open zippers, just hope I don't get it caught, zipper rash is a bitch."

"Thanks, really needed a laugh." Rolling my eyes I take a deep breath. "But, only makes sense to be naked, and we're under a sheet–"

"Actually, dear," mom cuts in, "better and easier for you if you use the ramp and wedge. Unless you want to spend fifteen minutes with your legs over your shoulder."

Raising an eyebrow Jimmy puckers up his mouth. "Even though I wouldn't mind seeing you in the position it gets to be a little weird after a minute or so."

"You're so naughty and bad." I smack him on the arm. "No way could I do that and look you in the eye again. I mean, all that would come into my head, would be me splayed open."

"Won't happen," Jimmy smiles, "if you must get in that position, or any other, I'll put a towel over you. It's not how I wish to remember you like."

"Thank you," I pat his hand, "it means a lot to me."

"It's her first time," mom chimes in, and I flash her a look, which she ignores. "This is her major problem, and has stressed her out, worrying."

Making a tsking sound I roll my eyes. "I'm not a virgin, not even close." Mom gives me one of her looks and I hang my head. "But, I've never been with a man."

"Oh wow." Jimmy takes a drink, and I think he's trembling a bit. "By the way, it's a good wow, a very good wow. Naturally, it's going to be a bit more pressure, now that I have to represent the entire male population."

We all laugh, and he tugs at his ear. "How about we start with the two of us giving you a nice body massage?"

"Good idea." Jan stands, and holds her hands out to us. "Come on you kids, it's not going to be that tough, if we don't make it so."

The two of us take her hands, and she herds us to the bedroom. Jan is all business like. "So, Jimmy, when was your last sexual encounter? And was it one or two ejaculations?"

He squawks, "What?"

Jan smiles. "Not prying, and don't need specifics, but we need to know how successful this might be with just one coupling."

Sounded pretty specific to me. Jimmy sighs. "Last night, just one."

"Okay." Jan holds the door open for us. "You two strip, we're going to need at least two, maybe three–"

"Ejaculations?" Jimmy yelps out, "I might be able to work up two, but no way–"

"Not to worry," Jan cuts in, "I'll help you out, if need be. But you give us two big squirts we won't even need a third."

I don't know about Jimmy, but this isn't going the way I thought it might. As slow as he is peeling off his clothes I have a pretty good idea how he feels. I stand there in my undies and shirt, then Jan gives me a swat. "Come on baby girl, get them off and lay on the bed, on your tummy, if you want." She rubs my back. "Will you be less nervous if I strip too?"

Nod, then I do as told, and my legs are squeezed so tight together nothing short of sub-atomic particles are getting in. My eyes are shut nearly as tight, then I feel the bed move as the others crawl to me. Hands on my shoulders are rougher than on my butt, so I deduce they are Jimmy's. I barely open an eye, hoping to get a peek at what I have to deal with, but all I can see is his thigh.

Jan is doing a great job getting my legs open, her tongue doing wonderful things to my bottom. I rub her bottom and she is wearing her panties. "Honey, take them off, I might want to eat you."

"Ah, just relax, baby girl." Jan kisses my bottom. "We don't need to scare Jimmy."

"Hey, I don't mind." Jimmy snickers. "Really, might get rid of my nervousness."

"Well, ah..." Jan moves away from me, and I open my eyes. She nervously giggles. "Well, I'm on my period. Scared now?"

"Wow." Looking at Jan's butt Jimmy wrinkles his nose. "And you still do it?"

"Um-m, constantly," mom wiggles her butt, "it's great, so intense and you climax like the Fourth of July fireworks finale. I love it."

Poor Jimmy is fidgeting, no doubt having enough of this. I rub Jan's bottom. "I want my girl's panties off, but leave your tampon in, should make all three of us happy."

Jimmy doesn't say anything and mom takes off her panties, before going back to massaging my bottom half. Jimmy is handling his end quite well too, and unconcerned over my excessive hairiness, or at least not shying away from my pits. I'm not sure if it was Jan's suggestion, but he starts planting little kisses all over me, which are great.

I feel him shift a bit, and take another peek, this time between his legs. He has a hard-on, about seven inches, but fairly thin. Doesn't look like it's going to be too tough on me, and along with my girl he is making me feel very nice. His grip is strong, but tender and kisses soft, nothing like my girl's, or any other of my girlfriends, although he is by far better than those other Neanderthals who were pawing me in my youth.

"Honey," Jan pats my butt, "I said, time to get on your back. Baby girl, don't be–" I snap out of my reverie and just roll over, without thinking about it. "There we go, that's my good girl." Jan is planting kisses on my bush, and Jimmy is massaging my titties, by the time I realize a man is looking at me, all of me.

Don't know why my extra hair embarrasses me, but I can feel my face get flushed. I like my hair, and feeling like a boy, even dressing like one. Course, if I was as hairy as Aunt Clara I wouldn't like that, I didn't want to be a man.

"Okay, very good, baby girl," Jan is rubbing my tummy, "Jimmy is ready. You need to go lay on the ramp, and I'll get the lube."

God, my legs are going to be spread wide-open, butt a foot and a half above my head, making my pussy the central focal point of the whole room. Jimmy helps me up, then gives me a kiss on the cheek. "It's okay, we can do this." It's all I can do to give him a thin smile, as he guides me over to the ramp and helps me lay down.

He kneels by my head, so he doesn't have a very good angle at seeing me in all my glory. Jimmy rubs my head and shoulders, whispering in my ear, "Everything is going to be fine."

Jan lubes me up, slides a finger in me then a second while licking my clit. I start panting as she comes over and lubes up Jimmy's dick. "Alright, my baby girl is ready."

Jimmy takes a deep breath, I close my eyes, but can hear all the air slowly escape his lungs. Feel a bit of pressure at my entrance and tense up. "Relax, baby girl," Jan coos in my ear, as she rubs my tummy and strokes my hair. "You're beautiful, baby girl, I love you so much." She keeps whispering sweet nothings to me while Jimmy penetrates my pussy. It's not much different than the few times a girlfriend used a strap-on to fuck me.

Open my eyes, looking up at my dream girl, feeling so wonderful she is here experiencing this with me. Still, I was hoping this might take on the first try, and I cup my lover's pussy. "I love you, sexy lady, thank you." Jan kisses me, sliding her hand up to my clit.

With a loud groan Jimmy trusts deep into me, and I can feel him shooting his cum into me. He stays still in me for a half a minute, then pulls out. "Sorry, for the quickness, I got a bit over-excited, you two are so hot. Never seen anything like it."

"In this case, quick is not bad." Jan giggles, and gets between my legs, opening my pussy. "Was a pretty good load, might get away with just two."

I know I let out a sigh of relief, and I believe so did Jimmy. Jan pats my tummy, then stands. "I'll go get some tea, while you two rest up a bit."

Didn't want her leaving, but I wasn't going to embarrass Jimmy or me by complaining. Jimmy takes a towel off the bed and covers me up, then sits beside my head. "You alright, Princess?"

Giggling I smack his thigh. "Haven't heard that endearment in ages, Sir James. Yes, I'm fine. Thanks for the tenderness, and towel."

"Oh god, I forgot about Sir James." He laughs, then kisses my hand. "It didn't stick like Princess, always bossing me around."

"Yeah, I did, didn't I?"

"Oh yeah, you were so good at it too." Jimmy scratches his head. "None of my business, but Jamie, how long have you been having an affair with your mother?"

"Jesus Christ! You fucking know!" I thought I might burst in to tears, and turn my head away from him. Would've got up and run, but knew I couldn't do it gracefully. "How? You never came to my house, or at least inside, cause grandpa didn't like boys hanging around?"

"It's alright, not a big deal." Jimmy strokes my cheek. "No, it wasn't here, it was at school." He shrugs. "You keep a pretty good eye out for anything that happens to concern your dream girl."

"Not what you think." I wipe away a tear. "Well, it is, and I've loved her for years, but only acted on it when I got back from school, not even two weeks ago. We're two consenting adults and not hurting any–"

"Jamie, it's okay, I'm not going to report you or anything." Jimmy turns my head back, so he is looking at me. "I knew who she was before ever stepping foot in your house. Just curious, and want to help you, but is there anything else, or something worse?"

"No, nothing, and what could possibly be worse?" I choke back the tears. "We just want to start over, hopefully where this can't happen again. We're not weirdoes, you know?"

"Yes, I know." Jimmy kisses my forehead. "I see how you look at each other, and I meant it, you two look hot together. I think your plan is the best, and I'll help you any way I can."

"Thanks Jimmy." I kiss him on the lips. "Thanks, a lot."

"Confession time over?" Jan asks, standing in the doorway. "I'm glad you're not upset, and we would've preferred total honesty, Jimmy, but you can understand why we did what we did. Now, let's have a nice cup of tea, and get back to business."

"Tea, huh?" Jimmy makes a sour face. "Suppose it won't kill me."

Jan laughs, and shakes her head. "It's raspberry herb tea, and will relax you a bit, not kill you. Looks like besides her other considerable talents, my baby girl is a good judge of character, we're going to have fine babies." She hands him a cup of tea. "I wasn't sure how you might like it, so I put two teaspoons of honey in, eucalyptus honey, real good stuff, with a bit of a tang."

He chuckles, and takes a sip. "Alright, it's not half bad." Shaking his head he laughs. "Course, had I known this is how you dress for a tea party, this might not have been my first."

"Fine sense of humor," Jan winks at him, "I like that too." She put the tray on the cube, then helps me raise my head enough to take a sip or two. "You did good baby girl, ready?"

I nod, but Jimmy raises his hand. "Ah, tea or no tea, I might need a bit more time to, ah–"

"Here, give me that, please." Jan takes his tea cup, and puts it on the tray. "Maybe I can help you out a little bit."

Mom kneels in front of Jimmy, bends down and takes his dick in her mouth. I know my eyes double in size, as he groans, "Oh my, yes this should do the trick."

In about two minutes Jimmy is hard and back in me, giving me slow strokes. Jan sits at my head, stroking my hair, fondling my titties and making out with me, while I fondle her. Jimmy lasts a couple of minutes, then I can feel him cum in me.

He puts the towel back on me and shakes his head. "Guess I would be a real loser if I made threesomes a common practice, you ladies excite the living hell out of me. I almost don't know if I'm coming or going, pun intended."

Jan looks at him a bit strange, as I giggle. "We played the sock 'em game too."

"I see, and thank you for the compliment." She hands Jimmy his tea. "So, one more for good luck a possibility?"

"Well," Jimmy sheepishly shrugs, "not like I'm winded or anything. Barely broke a sweat." He looked in his tea cup. "Must be something in this brew, I swear I usually give a better showing. I don't need you getting the wrong idea about the male population."

I pat Jimmy's arm. "Far as I'm concerned you did fine for the male population, even increased it's standing in my eyes." Chuckling I raise an eyebrow. "Course, I didn't have a very high opinion of the male population to begin with, only could go up."

Jan pokes Jimmy in the side. "Don't blame my tea, if anything it would put lead in your pencil. My vote would be we are too hot."

"Like that one too," I chime in, "even if it's not true for me. I'm fairly certain a hairy dyke is not in most men's dreams."

Mom gives me a thump on the head. "It's the way you want it, I offered to do all the work and shave you, not that I mind my girl a tad furry. What do you think Jimmy?"

"At the risk of catching hell," he scratches his chin, "I've had an occasional liaison with the wife when she was a bit stubbly. I didn't care for that, but being a male I wasn't about to let it stop me either. As for Jamie's hair, since it's grown out, it wasn't that terrible. So, I guess it's smooth or furry, but no in between for me."

We all laugh, and Jan shakes her head. "You're not running for office, but sound like it. Besides, you already said it didn't matter." She shrugs. "Doesn't matter to me either, even if my baby girl was stubbly I would never refuse to be pleasured by her, or please her."

"Yeah," Jimmy snickers, "don't know too many guys who give the old 'got a headache,' routine to their wives. Still, I wouldn't mind getting any pointers you ladies have to give."

Jan is happy to give him her opinion on the matter, and I put in my two cents. After half an hour of giving pointers I sigh. "Ah, this isn't the best position to have conversations in."

"Right, sorry baby girl." Jan rubs my tummy. "Jimmy, you need help?"

He glances down at his lap. "A bit, if you don't mind, please."

With a giggle Jan shrugs. "We all have to do our part, don't we?"

She sucks Jimmy's dick, but it's not working as fast. Jimmy rubs Jan's shoulder. "Could you two, ah, maybe do it. I think it would help." For an answer I pull Jan's hips towards me, and my girl straddles my face. "Oh god, that's hot." I can feel Jan lick my clit and hear Jimmy panting. "Um-m, that's even hotter."

He gets between my legs, and Jan stops licking me, but I can hear slurping sounds, as I keep tonguing my girl. Doesn't take long and Jimmy is in me, then Jan goes back to licking my clit. This sensation isn't unusual, seeing as my girl does the same thing to me with a dildo.

Surprisingly I'm enjoying myself, but not as much as my girl. She wiggles her bottom as her climax starts and I suck on her clit, getting her to howl. This set off Jimmy, he thrusts into me a couple of times then explodes. I swear it's the largest of the three, but over long before Jan's.

I'm close, but give her a pat on the bottom and my girl stops. She crawls off me and Jimmy covers me up with the towel. I pat his arm. "Thank you, it meant a lot."

"Hey," he chuckles, "I'm no saint here, and I got a lot out of it too." Brushing his shoulder he grins. "Could I take a shower, before going home?"

"Sure," Jan points, "bath is next door on the right. I'll bring your clothes in."

He heads in for a shower and she comes back to sit beside me. "You did fine, baby girl." She kisses me. "One more time tomorrow to make sure you're going to be a little mamma, then it's all over. Should be easier, not so–"

"Mom, I'm fine, and it wasn't too bad. Could you get me a robe, please?"

"Of course, baby girl."

She takes in Jimmy's clothes and brings me back a robe, then I get off the ramp. "Geez, spent too long like that, what a head rush."

I walk Jimmy to the door, and he gives my hand a kiss. "Thank you for the honor of... I guess, our mating, and I hope we were successful." He chuckles. "I know it was a bit traumatic for you, but you did very well, Princess."

"Because of you it wasn't traumatic at all, Sir James." I give him a kiss. "Kind of strange asking you this now, but are you happy being a family man?"

"Very happy," he smiles, and pats my hand, "and it doesn't have to be like when we grew up. You're going to make a fine mommy." Jimmy makes a sour face. "Or is daddy, the proper term?"

I giggle. "It's two mommies. Will same time tomorrow be alright?"

"Sure, see you tomorrow."

Jimmy leaves and I haven't seen Jan. She isn't in the dining room either. I go back in and find her in the swing, fingering herself. "You horny little devil, what are you doing?" I wave a finger no. "Never mind, I can see what you're doing. Why?"

"Baby girl, you got me all worked up, and–"

"And you need to learn to behave. It's rude not to escort your guest to the door." I sit on the bed and pat my leg. "Get over here, cutie."

"Sorry, baby girl." My naughty girl lays down on my lap and giggles. "After my spanking are you going to eat me?"

"Of course, sexy, and I'm going to fuck you too." I rub her back. "You have to learn to behave, cutie. You can't play with your toys all day and night."

Give her a spanking before putting her in the swing, eating her to three orgasms and fucking her for twice that. I carry her to the tub, wash her then put her to bed, the whole time she is telling me how much she loves and needs me.

Following evening Jimmy comes over and with our help is able to give us three more squirts. This time mom saw him to the door with me, she still wound up in the swing. Things mellow out and we wind up keeping our hands off each other long enough to get things done around the house.

Work on our finances and see what kind of money we are dealing with. Properties appraise at nearly five hundred thousand, but we'll be lucky to get four. We also research what we want in our house, make rough sketches, even start packing up what was going. I'm keeping my truck, but mom is selling her car. But, it is still our honeymoon and we enjoy plenty of sex.
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-Part 6- Complications

It's Monday, a week since I tried to become pregnant, and I wake up, rub my belly, thinking nothing has changed.

My girl stirs a bit, then rubs my belly and nibbles on my neck. "Morning baby girl, you wishing, or think you're pregnant?"

"Won't know for a week." I sigh. "Just imaging me with a swollen belly, and wondering how much is it going to limit me."

"It's true, eventually you won't be able to do a lot you do now, or it will be tougher." She gives me a kiss. "But, I'll spoil you and help out tons, promise baby girl."

I giggle. "Actually, I was thinking of how I was going to spank you, if you misbehaved." Give my girl a long kiss. "Love you bent over my lap, getting my leg wet."

"Um-m, I love it too, baby girl." She wiggles her bottom, then kisses my tummy. "Bet by then you'll think of something."

"What I'm thinking of," I roll her over, "is having my cutie wife, on her pretty back and my tongue deep in her sweetness."

"Well," she giggles, "maybe for an hour or two."

About ten o'clock there's a knock, I slip on my robe by the door as mom heads for the bedroom. I open the door to find a petite brunette on my front step, who is obviously pregnant. "Hello, I'm Christy Bates."

"Yes, Jimmy's wife." I smile. "Ah, I recognize you from your picture. I'm Jamie Morton. Nice to meet you, please come in."

"First, I need to know, are you having an affair with my husband?"

Five-four, maybe one-fifteen, she has some spunk, but little button nose and dreamy blue eyes she's too cute to be a real threat. "Ah," I scratch my head, "if you mean love affair? No, I'm not. Ah, if you're talking about business affairs? Yes, I'm doing business with Jimmy. Please, come in."

She comes in, and mom enters the room about the same time. "Christy Bates, this is Jan, my wife, I'm gay."

"Gay? You're telling me you're gay, so I shouldn't believe you're having an affair?"

"No," I sigh, "I'm really gay."

Jan smiles. "Would you like some tea, we don't drink coffee, but have some herb teas. A little cup to soothe the nerves wouldn't hurt."

Christy nods, and I explain the projects Jimmy is working on for us. Mom brings in the tea and sits on the couch beside our guest. After I'm through Christy shakes her head. "How do I know you are really gay?"

Mom giggles. "Come in the back bedroom for two or three hours, and see for yourself."

"Two or three?" Christy fans herself.

"Like yours," mom grins, "my husband loves pussy. My Jamie takes her time making love, then fucking me, at least twice a day, three when she's spoiling me, which is almost daily. I assure you, she is gay." I can't believe mom, and she's not helping things. The two of us are about to become the talk around the real estate office.

"Twice, usually three times, oh my god, how heavenly." Christy wrinkles her nose. "What is the difference? I mean, between making love and fucking."

"Well," mom gives Christy a hug, "definitions are tough, but once you experience the two you will understand. It's a fun lesson. How is your pregnancy going?"

"Good." Christy rubs her belly. "I think I'm getting used to being pregnant, I don't get nearly as sick as I did with my first two, and... Well, I ah," she giggles, "I'm horny as all get out, and I've got two more months to go."

Mom pats Christy's hand. "A second reason to let Jamie prove to you she is gay."

"I'm also exhausted." Christy blushes, and hangs her head. "I barely have the energy to shave below my knees, so I can go out in public. If it wasn't so hot, I'd just wear pants, but heat is another of my problems." She covers her mouth. "Sorry, I shouldn't be unloading all this on you."

Looking over at me mom gives a head bob Christy's way. All I can manage is, "Ah, that's all right. Heard about the side effects of pregnancy, might even be experiencing it soon."

Mom rolls her eyes at me, and takes Christy by the hand. "Why not do like me, have Jamie give you a bath and shave."

"Oh, I don't know, I'm–"

"Nonsense," mom smacks Christy on the arm, "I'll go run your bath, Jamie will carry you in–"

"Carry me?"

"Yes," mom nods, "it's a big part of being spoiled, and she has the most unique way of carrying you. I guarantee you'll love it, and think you're in heaven. Alright?" Christy sighs, then nods, and Jan runs down the hall.

Wasn't much I could do, so I go over and pick up Christy. Wrapping her hands around my neck she snuggles up on my shoulder. She jumps when I slide my finger under her panties and in her pussy. "Oh, my that is special. Um-m, feels nice."

"Can make you feel a lot nicer, if you want."

"Never done anything like this before." Christy kisses my cheek, then the corner of my mouth. "But, I would like to."

She gets a bath, shave and two orgasms before I'm drying her off. Christy runs her hands through my hair. "You're very talented, are you taking me to bed?"

"Better," mom giggles, "you'll be starting in the swing, and finish on the ramp, if your swollen belly will allow it. Have you ever squirted? I'm talking a female ejaculation." Christy shakes her head, and mom grins. "You're going to."

I carry her into the swing, get her comfortable, then eat her pussy until she is screaming. Mom works on Christy's titties, while I give her two more orgasms with the rabbit. Giving her a little breather I go put my eight-incher on, and when I get back mom has eleven inches of vibrating beads up Christy's butt. Our horny little preggo takes the eight inches in two strokes and is crying for more, and wants fucked harder.

Christy has three separate, hard orgasms, then lay in the swing, gently rocking and panting heavily. "Now, that was a fucking."

"Nope, coming up, pun intended." Mom straightens out Christy's hair. "That's just a little taste of ladies making love." Mom helps Christy get out of the swing. "Honey, you think you can lay on the ramp, on your cute swollen tummy?"

I go to get the big boy and when I get back Christy is on the bed, on all fours. Mom is rubbing Christy's back. "Our girl's swollen tummy is getting in the way, so Jamie you've got to fuck this sweet little thing the old fashioned way. Honey, better to have your head flat on the bed, butt up high, more contact. You do want fucked, right?"

"Oh god," Christy shivers, "yes, I want fucked."

"Here she comes," mom kisses Christy, "you're going to squirt."

Christy looks over at the monster twelve-incher hanging from my harness and gasps. She starts trembling. "I-is-s that t-thing s-safe?"

"Perfectly. We'll take it real slow and easy." I rub her butt. "It'll take at least half an hour to fully penetrate yo–"

"Every time," mom giggles, "I get three strong climaxes before I get fucked."

I lick Christy's wet slit getting her to moan, "W-what a tongue. H-how many a-after?"

"Who knows?" Mom laughs. "It's like one long continuous monster climax, with a pair of squirts thrown in, then you kinda pass out."

"Oh god." Christy whimpers, "I-I don't k-know if–"

"Not to worry," I slip two fingers in Christy's pussy, "if it starts hurting, or you've had enough just wave a hand behind your back. I promise, little mommy, we're not going to hurt you. Now, you sure you want to do this?"

"Um-m, yes. I need a good fuck."

Mom giggles. "Jamie only gives great fucks."

Head of the monster easily slides in to Christy's pussy, getting her humming. Mom is rubbing Christy's back and titties, as I'm rubbing Christy's butt cheeks, fingering her rosebud and giving her more dick, an inch at a time.

I know Christy has two orgasms before my monster is fully in her, and maybe a third. Once in her I give her plenty of time to adjust to the size, waiting for Christy to give me the go ahead. She starts rocking back into me, and grabbing her by the hips I begin fucking her.

She starts cumming, bucking wildly, then Christy drags mom in front of her, burying her face in mom's pussy. It's unexpected, but mom is loving it, and it excites Christy so much she floods my crotch with love juice. I'm fucking her hard, and she's screaming into mom's pussy.

Half an hour of this Christy shrieks, crawls up mom, right off my dick, then starts squirting. No way is it in mom's range, but I swear she is spilling out twice as much. Christy lay in mom's arms panting, "O-okay, that's f-fucking."

"Yes dear, that's fucking." Mom gives Christy a kiss on the cheek. "My baby girl, knows how to treat a lady."

"God yes," Christy giggles, "I had so many orgasms I thought I was losing the feeling in my legs, plus I probably damaged your hearing, and what a mess I made."

"It's okay." I chuckle. "Around here, we've gotten used to screams, and the messes. Lets get you cleaned up."

Mom brings in a pot of herb tea and pitcher of water for us to enjoy, while we recuperate. I carry Christy in to the shower, clean her up, dry her, eat her to a quick climax, then another more intense one before dressing her. I give her a kiss, then herd her towards the living room. "Let's have a drink. Hope I didn't throw your schedule off."

"No, Jimmy's folks have the kids and I cleared my day, in case I needed plenty of time to find out what I needed to know."

"And did you?"

"Yes, you might be gay, just wish you would've taught Jimmy how to eat pussy when you taught him how to fuck." I look over at mom, and her mouth is open a foot, as I'm sure mine is. Laughing Christy shakes her head. "Three years with the same sex techniques and overnight it changes, there's a reason."

"We weren't lying, really." I hold up both hands. "It's not what you think it–"

"I know," Christy cuts me off, then hugs me, "you wanted a friend to help you get pregnant." My mom's and my mouth are back open, and Christy laughs. "I knew it before I left this room the first time." She shrugs. "Didn't say anything, because I was a bit curious about this gay thing. I've been horny as all get out, and figured I might get a decent climax or two out of it. Boy, did I get that wrong, and apparently you didn't teach Jimmy everything."

"Christy," I scratch my head, "we wanted to tell you, but Jimmy didn't think you'd take it so well. We both apologize."

"Oh, he wasn't wrong, I'd gone through the roof." Christy shakes her head, and pats her belly. "You feel so fat and ugly, you need reaffirmed constantly your husband wants you, so jealousy is just as uncontrollable as being horny."

"Ah," I tug at my ear, hoping this wouldn't make it worse, "he picked up the pointers, watching us, and asking questions, not doing us." That didn't sound as good as I thought it would, and judging by the look on Christy's face, it didn't sound too good to her either. I take a deep breath. "I think that needs re-worded, our union didn't go too well, nervousness, fear, guilt, all the above and more no doubt. We were hoping to get a second and third ejaculation, to confirm the job–"

"Good luck," Christy snorts, "that's only happened twice with me."

"Wasn't happening with Jimmy," mom shrugs, "so, he suggested seeing us making love might work, which we did and it worked. Hopefully, it worked completely."

"Yes, that would be nice." Christy fidgets a tad, then bites her lower lip. "On the other hand, if you were to need another session or two, could you teach Jimmy to eat pussy? I mean, he does now, frequently, but he doesn't really eat pussy, or I should say bring it to a climax." She giggles. "Or in your case climaxes, a bunch of them."

"Well, we owe you that much," I scrunch up my nose, "we were thinking about Jan being pregnant at the same time, say in another month or so. This time, if that's alright with you Christy? And we have not spoken to Jimmy about this."

"Fine by me," Christy smiles, "but I need a favor, I can't wait for two months. Could you please call Jimmy and arrange something for tomorrow?"

"We could," I shake my head, "but we had rules on what we can and can't do, that was the major no-no. As I said, with Jimmy this wasn't sex, with you it was. I guarantee you derived ten times as much pleasure than he did."

"There's your answer," mom shrugs, "Christy joins the three of us in–"

"Oh no," Christy covers her mouth with her hand, "I couldn't tell him about this."

"Already made one mistake," I rub Christy's back, "this will just be compounding it. If you could tell the difference in Jimmy's lovemaking, what are the chances of him telling?"

"Good, probably a sure bet." Christy rubs her forehead, and sighs. "God, how am I going to tell him I had the best sex in my life, and–"

"Don't," is all mom says, then shrugs, "it's simple, you had a hunch of Jimmy being different, followed up, asked us and needed proof we were gay." She gives us another shrug. "He watched, you watched, you're on an even keel. Tell him you think he should help out, but it's also an opportunity to learn, let him ask." I have to marvel at mom's deviousness, and thought it's a pretty good plan, Christy is mulling it over and mom gives her a hug. "It's a bit scary, but Jimmy isn't going to be pissed at you because you got horny watching us and we helped you out."

"Mom's right." I know it as soon as I say it, but it's out, my mom's eyes bug out of her head, but Christy doesn't even react.

"I thought Jimmy got that fact wrong," Christy nods, "but you are mother and daughter. I knew he had your listings." She sighs. "If you can take such chances for great sex, than I can. I'll talk to Jimmy tonight, how about tomorrow evening?"

"Fine," I rub my hands together, "we can make it dinner, say a barbecue, do a little swimming, do not bring suits. A beer or two, then with Jimmy here he can eat you and we can give pointers, maybe help out here or there."

Christy smiles, "And you will do this for us?"

"We're not bad people." I hug Christy, and give her a kiss. "We're just two star-crossed lovers who are bucking the system for love."

"And we hope you make it." Christy gives us each a kiss. "I have to get going, have a lot of talking to do this evening. Thank you for the advice, and a huge thank you for this morning, or afternoon, depending on how you look at it."

"You're welcome." I take Christy's hand and walk her to the door. "So, what do you think, four o'clock fine, we'll take care of everything?"

"That would be great. Thanks for the orgasms, and squirts." Christy kisses me, very hot and heavy, while we're beside her car, so neighbors might possibly see, but we're so far off the road. Mom gets the same treatment, and as she leaves Christy hollers, "Oh yeah, I want fucked tomorrow, not making love."

We head back towards the house, and mom swats me. "You blew it. Good thing you fucked her silly so she doesn't care."

"Yeah, well I was a little rattled, I never planned in getting involved with a married man, much less a married woman, so it's kind of hard to have a defense." I wag a finger at her. "Would've never had the problem if you hadn't needed a fuck. Who knows what might come out in the middle of an intense orgasm." I rub my temples. "At least we're moving soon."

"They won't tell baby girl."

"Maybe not intentionally, and nothing about the relationship. But, you start talking about great sex, folks listen and ask questions, then when they get the answers they go after good sex." Mom starts to shake her head, but I hold up two fingers. "Been two weeks and at least eight others know, that's quadruple in two weeks. How many will it be in a month? Or how about a year?"

She kisses me, and feels me up. "Calm down baby girl, it's no big deal."

"This one time, when we get to California we need a cover story if there is a slip."

"Like what?"

I scratch my chin for a bit. "Okay, we lived on a commune and you were like a second mother to me. We just have to tell the same story, and keep it simple."

"A commune?" Jan makes a sour face. "Not very original, but should work. I just want to know one thing, she is louder than me, right?"

I giggle, and shake my head. "No sexy, not even a close second, and I'm going to prove it." I get hold of her and pull her to me, kissing her, keeping her close with one arm wrapped around her, the other snaking under her skirt, cupping her pussy. "No surprise here, wet as hell." I kiss her. "Let's have an early dinner, then see if I can get you to shatter glass."

"Um-m, I could go for that," Jan sticks her nose in the air, "but I'm not louder than her."

"Oh please, you horny little monkey, get over here, so you can brace yourself against the counter." I point in front of us. "Just pick up your skirt, sexy girl, then I'm going to peel your wet panties off and eat your pretty pussy." She giggles, pulling up her skirt, as I pull her panties down.

Lick just above her clit and she puts a leg up on the end table to give me better access. It doesn't take long for my girl to get off, grunting and groaning at the strain of trying to be quiet. Panting, she runs a hand through my hair. "S-see, not t-too loud."

"Hm-m, then you won't mind one more, will you?" Jan groans, but doesn't move, as I go back to eating my special girl. I slide two fingers in her pussy, cup them a bit, search and find what I'm after, sending her into a howling, squirting fit.

Takes a bit of time to recoup and put her foot back on the floor. This time she whacks me in the head. "You stinker, no fair hitting my g-spot."

I giggle. "Sounded like your high 'C' spot, to me."

"Oops," laughing she socks me in the arm, "missed pun."

"No pun," lick the cream running down the inside of her thigh, "just the facts ma'am. You're a screaming little sex fiend."

"Me?" Giggling she smacks me on the shoulder. "Look at you, get me off twice and you still have your nose buried in my pussy." She closes her legs a bit. "So, who is the sex fiend?"

"Thought they came in three's." Chuckling I nod. "But, you have a good point, you're not the sex fiend. Now if you sit down, the sex fiend will lick his sexy little nymphomaniac's pussy clean."

"Alright, with my baby girl, I'm a nympho." She sits, spreads her legs wide and coos, "I love my sex fiend so much. I don't want our honeymoon to end, but we're going to have to return to the real world soon, you know get jobs."

"What?" I stop sucking her pussy lips. "I'm working now, well not really, it's more of a wonderful delight than work, maybe the better word is, hobby." Lick up her thigh then I suck on her clit. "Now, s-sh, I'm in the middle of something."

"Um-m, love your hobby." She giggles. "I'm almost in the middle of something too, the big 'O' from my beautiful baby girl." She clutches my head by my ears, moaning how good I make her feel, how I always make her cum, and how much she loves me.

My girl enjoys an intense orgasm, then we make out until she can stand. Once in the kitchen she hugs and kisses me. "Still can't believe how fast and furious you get me off."

She snickers. "If lucky, it used to take me three or four times as long to get off, even by myself. And I never thought about having five a day, much less whatever I've been getting, which I thought was damn impossible." She kisses me, and pats my cheek. "Thank you, baby girl, and I should give you one or two at least."

"Mom, don't be–"

"Ah, Jan," she smacks me on the butt, "remember, Jan?" She wrinkles her nose, tsking. "I was going to give my girl a surprise, but two mistakes in one day. I don't know, sends the wrong message, you think?"

Knowing she was at the adult store yesterday I smile. "What surprise? And I got the message."

"Unh-unh, wouldn't be a surprise. Well..." she runs her finger up from my belly button to my lips, then kisses me, "...might change my mind, say if my girl was to lose her t-shirt and shorts, I do love looking at my baby girl in her hipsters. Isn't that what I put on you this morning?"

By the time my shirt and shorts are on the floor I'm breathing heavy. Cupping my butt mom holds me close, then nibbles on my ear. "Yes, there's your sexy boy shorts." She kisses me on the neck, getting me to pant, then gives me a sensual kiss. "Sit up here on the counter and I'll give my beautiful baby girl an orgasm. I owe you at least one for three."

"That's what I was trying to tell you," I kiss her, "enjoyed a decent one while eating my sexy nympho's sweet pussy."

"Um-m, mine were far more than decent." She picks me up, and I sit on the counter, spreading my legs, then Jan steps between them. "And I'm about to give you far more than decent. I'm not as good as my baby girl, but I keep practicing. I love practicing."

She leaves my undies on, drapes my legs over her shoulders and licks my pussy. My girl slips a finger under my leg band and into my pussy, getting me off nicely. I run my hand through her hair. "I love your practicing too."

We eat a late, light dinner, then Jan pats the side of my butt. "Keep your adorable shorts on, baby girl," she sucks on one of my nipples, "and go get in the swing." She kisses me, long and tenderly. "I'll be in soon, with your surprise."

Do as told, and mom comes in shortly, wearing a pink harness. Attached to it is a pink dildo, five and a half inches long and an inch across. Grinning mom strokes her toy. "It's your surprise, but really my present, baby girl's first dickie I fuck you with. When you graduate to bigger toys I'm going to have this one bronzed, then put it on the mantle."

Both of us laugh, then mom runs her finger up my undie's crotch. "No wonder you like me in panties, my baby girl looks so hot with such a huge wet spot." Tweaking my nipples she strokes my undies covered slit, with her thigh. "How did your cute little pussy do it?"

"Y-you," I pant, "always t-this way w-with you." Start thrusting my hips up to her finger, and want these undies off. "Urgh-h, please fuck m-me!"

My girl teases me for a while, giving me a pair of minor orgasms before she gets my wet panties off. Even though she doesn't need to, she gives me her dickie an inch at a time, giving my titties and clit plenty of attention, along with us making out. My girl is so proud to get me off a handful of times, and I want her in the swing, but she says it's my night. With help from her vibrating anal balls she gives me another handful of orgasms before we go to bed.

"Thank you for such a fantastic night, you sexy girl." I give her a kiss. "Love your present and would like to show you how much."

"Well, I had two climaxes while eating my baby girl's pussy." She kisses me, then lays on her back giggling. "But, I'll never tell you no, just beg for more of my sweet Jamie's love."

I kiss my way down her body, all the way to her toes, then back up to her pussy, getting Jan to squeal when I reach her clit. She starts her orgasm, then I finger and suck her to two more.

* * *

to be continued... don't ask me when.:)
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